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Recent content by d2dark

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    New AX8 video

    Will It have a RS-1000 Block? http://youtu.be/p6zyEKl2rVM
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    New AX8 video

    dose it have the double tracking cooper Block too?
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    Axe-FX II, Focusrite Saffire Pro 40, iMac 27 and SPDIF help needed

    Try setting the axe clock to SPDIf in and Saffire to internal. I had problem when clocking the Saffire with external device
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    So when is the waitlist open!

    i did have a confirmation email
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    So when is the waitlist open!

    in 5:47
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    American products and european prices

    anything in Quebec Canada is sale price + 15% taxe. it only apply form items you buy in the same province you live in. anywhere else you only pay import taxe if you have to, i order a lot of stuff form China on Ebay and i was never ask for anything. on the top on my mind the only time i payed...
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    Ax8 Queations - Suitable recording Interface

    many cheap interface (100$) have Spdif IO, Even an old Fast Track will do
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    Please recommend me monitors for live use

    RCFnx10 or 12 the fact that they are a coaxial monitors make them sound way more even in front of it. the 10's are really small
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    AX8 Cab Block ...... quick questions

    100% correct 1 amp block into 1 Cab block running 2 IR dual mono ( center pan )
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    AXeFX2 Vs AX8 and CPU question

    it not working like that. you need to think what effect you will use,the quality you use them Mono\Stereo and take AMB and CAB out of the equation.
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    AX8 with headphones?

    Behringer make a 20$ headphone amp, not the greatest but enough to play at home
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    AX8 -> AXE FX II XL+ preset compatibility?

    I only wish we can load block form save
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    AX8 with headphones?

    if you use low impedance headphone like In-ear ( 2 or 4 ohm ) the line level will be enough! connect your iPhone in the fx return and you can jam all in one box
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    AX-8 Price

    if you own pro recording gear, you have an Spdif input. case close, thank you!
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