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  • Hi M8,
    i was wondering if you still have the Axe Fx 2 preset report generator ? i have been trying to get it following the links but no luck
    i have an Ultra and have managed to get a few of my favorite guitarists patches but for the the axe fx 2 in this lockdown situation
    i have the time to fiddle

    Cheers, Cyberferret. I purchased Axe Pad for my iPad 2 air and connected up to my new Axe FX II XL+ as instructed. first with an M-Audio midi sport, then I tried an iConnectivity mio usb to midi device. The iPad and my Axe fx II XL + are not communicating at all. the firmware version in my Axe fx is Quantum 1.01. where are the instructions on how to set up and use Axe-Pad? Link to website is dead.
    Hey . Where is the support site for your Axepad ? You still have it for sale on the APP store but you have no support for it and no website or anything.
    Hey this is amazing, I was just having a discussion yesterday about how cool it will be when someone comes up with the iPad interface. I have the iRig, am using the iPad Pocket B3 for my keiyboards and have done a fair bit of midi mapping with the midi utilities for iPad. BTW as well as for guitar, I'm sending my iPad B3 through the rear analog inputs of the Fractal II, using parallel Bassman amps and cabs in stereo and it totally makes the iPad B3 come alive, with a nice warm Leslie-amp type saturation.

    So anyway I'd be thrilled to be able to work the iPad-Fractal II beta. Please let me know what I need to do.

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