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Recent content by Cron

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    My hottest guitars don't hit the red

    Mmm strange. My humbucker guitars easily hit the red on 20-30%. All passives.
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    Screen flickering (USB not connected)

    No mine started when I was on v7 still. I upgraded to see if it went away but it didnt help.
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    Screen flickering (USB not connected)

    Hi, a few days ago i noticed my axe-fx screen flickering (ive had the unit for a couple of months and this is the 1st time it started doing this). I did a search and saw that this can be normal with the usb connected. I disconnected the usb cable from my PC but the screen still flickers...
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    Possible new 8.01 bug?

    same thing is happening to me.
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    Axe-Fx II Firmware Version 8.01a Up

    I just updated, I probably should post this somewhere else but ive noticed that when im on a patch, press layout, and press edit again on the amp block it switches me to the Y amp block every time. Anyone else getting this?
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    Building your own FRFR using the same driver as the Matrix GFR12 (plans included)

    You are thinking of the CFR12 ($829 from Matrix).... which has a cheaper Celestion driver afaik. The official price for the GFR12, which uses the B&C driver, has not yet been released... I imagine it will be quite a bit more. I guess we'll have to wait and see where they price the more...
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    Building your own FRFR using the same driver as the Matrix GFR12 (plans included)

    Hey, im a diy type of guy and have built guitar cabs in the past. I noticed that B&C (company that makes the driver for the new Matrix GFR12 FRFR) has a "suggested design" build plan for the B&C 12HCX76 on their website: http://www.bcspeakers.com/PDF/SUGG/SGG_11.pdf The driver is...
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    I am so tired to the Tube Vs Axe FxII debate.

    Valid point, but didnt we get improved power amp modelling at v6? (or was it v5)? I didnt intend to get caught up in any kind of debate here... i havent posted in threads like this in ages. I simply wanted to voice my experiences and let people take away from that what they wanted. Let me just...
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    I am so tired to the Tube Vs Axe FxII debate.

    If i recall correctly Cliff also stated when the Axe-fx ii was released (firmware v1) that compared to the real counterparts it was "100%.... seriously" Tell me this then.... why have we had so many amazing firmware updates that has brought us closer? And if what im hearing in terms of...
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    I am so tired to the Tube Vs Axe FxII debate.

    I'd like to say that I love my Axe-fx 2. Ive been a axefx user since 2008. Ive bought and sold many tube amps since getiing my axe-fx and i still have a couple. I have said since the ultra days that i hear less dynamics when just comparing preamp sims only to their real world counterparts and...
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    I/O Instrument Input set to 28% for Les Paul...is this what others are experiencing

    Mine is set at 25% for humbucker guitars. Most of them have bridge pickups that are 14-15k if thats anything to go by.
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    Building presets with mic or without?

    Something worth noting is that in v6 im finding more uses for a lot of the mic sims.... the top end of the amp models sound more "right" to me in general and because of that the mic sims i never liked before can sound great now. Good job Cliff/Fractal!
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    Can USB Audio Interface be Active At the Same Time as Another Interface?

    So there is no way to do this in windows? That sucks :(
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    Check out my band's new video/single! (Female singer)

    Thanks! You are too kind! We are releasing another song in a couple of weeks and then an Ep round May i think. Oh i forgot to mention our singer Melissa produced, edited and partially filmed the video herself. She has no training, and apart from some tutorials she did online it was the first...
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    Check out my band's new video/single! (Female singer)

    Thanks! None of us Listen to Our Lady Peace afaik, but ill check them out! Thats a big compliment thx! Yea its one of my favourite parts too.... kinda pulls everything back. Thanks! I sure hope so! Thank you kind sir!! Much appreciated! Thank you! I dont approach mixing from a...
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