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Recent content by CodePoet

  1. CodePoet

    Orion - SDB Audio

    Sounds great!
  2. CodePoet

    Yek's presets for covers

    @yek - looks like you pulled the Solo Dallas trick out of the Highway To Hell preset? What are your current thoughts on using that trick (via the 2 dynamics COMP blocks)?
  3. CodePoet

    Ozzy's "The Ultimate Sin" Live w/Pro Shot Video and Audio

    Of course! :D What's your patch like for that tune - is it stereo? Seems like there's a good dose of reverb on there, which fits great. Is that in the patch or added at FOH (or later)?
  4. CodePoet

    Ozzy's "The Ultimate Sin" Live w/Pro Shot Video and Audio

    Love you guys - awesome video! Did you guys make those illuminated crosses?
  5. CodePoet

    Tuesday nights

    Great show Larry! Glad to see you're better than ever - love the video production you've got going on.
  6. CodePoet

    Dallas Guitar Show 2021

    It's Texas, of course it's on. Larry Mitchell mentioned he was going to be there during his livestream last night.
  7. CodePoet

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 12 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Release Candidate

    Yek - I think the instructions for the Axe-Fx III hard reset should be slightly modified for clarity - see what you think. The wiki shows: Axe-Fx III — Press LAYOUT, select the Amp block, press the RESET soft knob But perhaps this is more clear: Axe-Fx III — Press the LAYOUT soft knob...
  8. CodePoet

    Genesis, Live at Bataclan France Jan 10, 1973 (16mm->4K)

    Yep - there's a long journey to "Sledgehammer" and "Sussudio" from here. Awesome video quality on this - neat to see.
  9. CodePoet

    Got Jabbed Today

    Wow @Larry Mitchell , glad you're through that. Just got my first one today. It's wild how everyone can have such different reactions to COVID and the vaccine. Glad you're back to live shows - enjoy your naps!
  10. CodePoet

    Dennis De Young.

    Well...that was happy. It could have used some dragons and Vikings though.
  11. CodePoet

    Wish Variac reduction range

    I run negative AC on my thermostat via the Heat setting. :)
  12. CodePoet

    Brian Setzer style Rockabily sound with the Axe FX 3 + PRESET INSIDE

    That's great - love your videos! Great playing!
  13. CodePoet

    80's Solo - Friedman BE-100 and Strat

    That is perfect for an 80's vibe, but beyond that it's some great playing - nice job!
  14. CodePoet

    Some King's X on bass

    Yes! His live bass tone is huge. The 12-string bass sounds killer too.
  15. CodePoet

    Just Received My FC-12 - personally tested by Max Planck

    Obscurely enough, in college my roommates had a running bit about Max Planck. There's just something about him using that "ck" in his last name instead of going with the more likely-used "k" that got us riffin'. Nerds...
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