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  1. CodePoet

    It's all about the way you set the EQ

    Interesting. I figured that one day someone would reverse-engineer it and the answer would be known. It's too bad if he was exploiting his position as an expert to sell something that was just an EQ. (that never happens in the guitar pedal world :p ).
  2. CodePoet

    Youth Gone Wild Attempt!

    That was awesome - sounds great - great playing!
  3. CodePoet

    It's all about the way you set the EQ

    Oh my, I remember that timeframe. Didn't buy one, but that was "the solution" at one time. Pod Pro XT->Radtone HC = the missing link. :p
  4. CodePoet

    Van Halen 90's Balance Tone

    You're right - I heard Trevor talk about that once. Eddie kinda knicked that riff and he ended up sending some money to Trevor to make things right in a friendly way. Love Trevor's Can't Look Away album.
  5. CodePoet

    Fractal Friday with Cooper Carter!

    Yes! I've been stymied by that situation before. This alone makes it a requirement to always record a direct track.
  6. CodePoet

    Goodbye, Todd D. "bishop5150" Bishop

    This is crushing. I only knew Todd thru the forum but followed him the last few years and all thru his cancer experiences. All my interactions with him told me he was a great positive force in the universe and I wish I'd met him in person. I hope his wife Chrysti (who was such a fierce...
  7. CodePoet

    Health Update

    Just saw that on FB. I got to know Todd here thru the forum and was pulling for him - he will be greatly missed around here and I'm so sad for his wife who was such a fighter for him all the way through. This one hurts. Rest in Peace brother!
  8. CodePoet

    "Outside" by The Fixx clip

    A little clip of the main riff to "Outside" from "Reach The Beach" by The Fixx, as originally played by Jamie West-Oram. Using the Fractal Audio Axe-Fx III with a Brit JM45 model, some compressors, delays, and a heaping of Cirrocumulus reverb.
  9. CodePoet

    Bigsby Pedal

    I got one of those - need to check it out still and do a video. I'm a sucker for a Bibsby so I wanted to try it :). Was also interested in using it as a controller with the AxeFx.
  10. CodePoet

    Best way to use IEM with axfx3?

    I use a little Mackie Mix5 mixer. I take Out 1 of the AFXIII into the mixer and take the mix from the soundman into another input on the mixer and send the output of the mixer to my IEMS. That way, I can always have my guitar in stereo whether the venue is taking a stereo feed or not. I just...
  11. CodePoet

    Carl Martin Honey Comp Compressor Settings

    Does it match best with the Studio Comp type vs. one of the others? If so, which Studio type (we have 2-each of the Feed Forward and Feedback types)? Also any estimates of what they might be using for the attack and release settings.
  12. CodePoet

    Carl Martin Honey Comp Compressor Settings

    Does anyone have a good starting point of settings to mimic the Carl Martin Honey Comp (or even their classic compressor)? Wondering what compressor type and attack/release settings would get in the ballpark. There are Pete Thorn and Burgs videos in the link below that run thru it. Thanks...
  13. CodePoet

    When did Ernie Ball start NOT recessing all their backside plates???? Aweful!!!

    I was wondering the same thing, having picked up an Axis and a Super Sport recently. Seems odd they don't recess it. But, I usually keep the trem cover off anyway, so it's not too big a deal for me.
  14. CodePoet

    Schecter Nick Johnston 1546 Traditional HSS

    I didn’t have an issue. I have the HSS - maybe it’s a bit different?
  15. CodePoet

    Schecter Nick Johnston 1546 Traditional HSS

    No,I own the Indonesian-made one - was $800. It’s pretty amazing.
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