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  2. Cobrango

    22,66 notes per second clip xD

    I was practicing my technique and felt silly so I recorded this clip. Sorry for the vertical video These are hard, 32nd notes @ 170 bpm - that's 22,66 notes per second 🤯🤣
  3. Cobrango

    Amundsen Studio late night shred

    Hi guys, I'm still here, been building my home studio for years now and finally I'm having some time to actually use it. I recorded this short shredmania thing last night, just going for it. practicing really hard these days to get my chops back in shape. The guitar is pure axe-fx II, starting...
  4. Cobrango

    New setup I've been working on in 2019 (advanced af)

    Happy new year everyone! I've been working my ass off in 2019, not with music, but with my home studio. Some of you may remember my old setup from years back, basically an axe-fx II, then some rack stuff, but now I've summoned the setup from hell. It's so advanced I'm having a hard time wrapping...
  5. Cobrango

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    looks like easter came early this year, because this has the smell of easter eggs all over it! (oh my god horrible phrasing) how much can Cliff hide inside the final firmware without us knowing.. tweakers warm up your value wheel!
  6. Cobrango

    Axe-Fx II Firmware "Ares" 1.00 Public Beta

    I was really not expecting this! I was more leaned towards a final statement that the axe-fx II is finished, then this happened! wow, I would be glad even to just get confirmed it was over, and then we get a III update for the II! I'm beyond happy! hooray for Fractal Audio Systems and Cliff...
  7. Cobrango

    Driver install error code 116 Fix: if struggling with windows 10 not installing FAS usb drivers

    Hi :grin::balloon: lately I've had the problem where windows 10 would not recognize that the axe-fx II was connected, and certainly not connect to the axe-fx II from axe-edit. I found a temporary solution where I start windows in advanced mode where forced driver authorization is turned off, but...
  8. Cobrango

    The new Mega Oversize cab pack from ML Sound Lab is insane!

    Just played it today after having purchased it, and it sounds SO good. Highly recommend it, I've been hunting V30 IR's online since I bought the axe-fx II alomst, and I've tried so many it's crazy. I've been in contact with Mikko for a long time and we even discussed this exact cab, then...
  9. Cobrango

    Axe-Fx II "Quantum" Rev 10.01 Firmware Release

    It's monday guys! woohoo! I have a good feeling.
  10. Cobrango

    Last power conditioner question, I swear! (this year)

    The amps in question are my Vox ad120vth, Vox ad120vt, Vox ac30cch. also powered by my rack: JBL LSR308 MK II's, Korg Pitchblack pro tuner, Axe-fx II, American Audio DB Display MK II, Art Pro mpa II, Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 mk II. Gonna have to calculate this a bit, but I guess it will be fine.
  11. Cobrango

    Last power conditioner question, I swear! (this year)

    Thank you SO much BBN! That's exactly the kind of response I was looking for! awesome, I'll run my tube amps through my Furman PL-8C E then, it's rated max 10A but I guess it will work fine, and I'll ask Furman about this as well :)
  12. Cobrango

    Your thoughts on speakers handling lows, with an input from Dr.Decibel at Celestion

    thank you very much for your answer mnemonic! now we're talking, this is the kind of first hand experience I'm after. I've been thinking about the fundamental notes myself in comparison with a bass guitar, scale length, etc. I'll try to reduce the damage on the speaker by cutting a lot of low...
  13. Cobrango

    Your thoughts on speakers handling lows, with an input from Dr.Decibel at Celestion

    Hi, I play 8-string guitars. This goes out to all of you who are wondering about how low your speakers can go. I tune my guitars to drop-e, that E1, the same note played on a bass guitar in normal tuning. you've all probably heard that playing 4-string bass guitar into a guitar speaker/cab at...
  14. Cobrango

    Last power conditioner question, I swear! (this year)

    so you guys use power conditioners for your guitar amps? :D
  15. Cobrango

    Last power conditioner question, I swear! (this year)

    I guess it depends on if the person listening to what was being said is deaf or not.
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