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Recent content by ckofahl

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    pykmax... wth?

    I tried it, and found it somewhat limiting. With a regular pick, I don't even think about holding a pick, with the pykmax, it commands too much of my attention. Bottom line is I could get use to the feel, but the sound of it was unacceptable. It sounded thin and lifeless. Now it's just a...
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    Effects status

    I've looked through the manual as well as did a search on the forum. Is there a way for the axe fx to remember the status of an effect, or is this done on the MFC?
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    Multi tap delay

    I checked after updating to 14, and the issue is still there.
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    Multi tap delay

    Has the problems with the multi tap delay been addressed with the new firmware?
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    Boost switch on amp block

    Can the boost in the amp block be assigned to an Ia switch? I've been using a filter block in front of the amp block, but was wondering if it can be assigned to an ia switch.
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    PRS SC245?

    I have a custom built 245, and it's a great meat a tatos guitar, and it is as well built as any of my suhrs or Anderson's. it's a great tool for many tasks.
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    My clr arrived

    That's a good description, it's nice just to play, and not have to think about anything else.
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    My clr arrived

    My clr arrived on the 3rd. I've been using the rcf 12ma, it sounded good, but there was always some top end and some low end frequencies that often would be bothersome. Plugged in the clr, and for the first time was not bothered by those issues. I have say that for me, nothing gets in the way...
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    CLR !!!!!!!!!!! Axe II and FOH Unbelievable!

    Mine arrived today,comparing it side by side to the rcf 12, the clr has nothing that gets in the way of the sound. The rcf seemed to have frequencies at the top end and the low end that always bothered me a bit. Even when it sounded good and I do mean it does sound good, there were always those...
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    Anybody know what date Atomic is up to on CLR wait list?

    Got the invite,placed the order this morning
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    Still no word on CLR's ,about to give it up!

    Got on the list late January, and received an email early March that I was at the top of the reserved list, still waiting to hear back or to get an email with an invitation. I feel it will be worth the wait when the invite comes.
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    Assign IA to Boost

    Yek, Thanks, I was doing that, I think I was assigning it to the wrong external......Got it!
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    Assign IA to Boost

    Can an IA switch be assigned to the boost in the amp block if so how would this be done? thanks chuck
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    Updating to 8.0

    Radley, Thats the same thing that I experienced, I had given up turned it off for about 15min and when I came back to show someone what was going wrong, it miraculously started working. I was able to upload my backed up patches and I'm a happy camper.
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