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Recent content by chucma

  1. chucma

    Welcome MATT BELLAMY of MUSE to the Fractal Audio Artist Roster

    This is huge! Congratulations Fractal Audio! You guys are all legends!
  2. chucma

    Fretboard Training Game

    This is weirdly fun to play! I thought it was silly at first but have now bookmarked it so I can do a full run through when I have time (my brain is in too many places for work even though I'm reading the forum between meetings).
  3. chucma

    Why... Did I Mess Up?!

    That's a great tone, so you can be forgiven for a single note oopsie! Are you playing the PRS in your avatar there?
  4. chucma

    Taking a break :)

    All the best Chris! A healthy balance is important, and I don't need to say it but you will definitely be missed! Hope it goes well during your busy season and you come back refreshed!
  5. chucma

    John Mayer Dual Amp Rig Tutorial

    Man you get such beautiful tones! Great work, and so close to Mayer's sound!
  6. chucma

    FM9 Bass Tones Tour

    That bass sounds glorious! I can only imagine how satisfying that must be in a live show! Also really love that fact that his preset is so close to the default settings, with stock cabs too!
  7. chucma

    Hurricane Ian

    Thinking and praying for all of you in Florida and other places affected!
  8. chucma

    NGD - Collings City Limits

    That is a gorgeous axe! Happy Birthday Dave!
  9. chucma

    Movie Review: Moonfall

    I'm hoping it's a comedy and is meant to be funny......or I might just avoid it.
  10. chucma

    SPOILER --> It's complicated

    I'm not sure I believe you, because if it was that amazing then your review would have been a LOT shorter and you would have spent more time playing! :p Joking aside, what a great read! Fractal make incredible gear and I always love it when more people discover that these units do deliver! I've...
  11. chucma

    Bonamassa Rig Rundown

    When you look at the range of amps behind him, I really don't think a single FM3 will mimic his sound - unless you had 2 or 3 FM3s! He does do a nice blend of the amps in stereo using a chorus pedal (weird but works really well). I was lucky enough to meet him backstage at the Apollo through a...
  12. chucma

    That iconic green screen and knob

    I don't know why, but I am definitely following this thread to see if we figure out the source of the rack! Top detective work so far, you each deserve a donut and coffee! :D
  13. chucma

    I lost the love of my life, my muse and inspiration and sens of living on 10th of August

    I cannot imagine the pain you must be feeling. My thoughts and prayers are with you in such a hard time Raccoon.
  14. chucma

    Wilkinson wvs1302p on a charvel pro mod gotoh 510?

    I know a fun way to bring forward string change dates.... :D
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