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Recent content by chucma

  1. chucma

    This really (SUCKS)!!!!

    Totally with you and congrats on your new FM3! Take my advice, ALWAYS record a dry signal of your guitar so you can just reamp if you need to! I just bought a new cab pack after spending many hours on some tracks and now with regret/glee am going to reamp with my new cab IRs!
  2. chucma

    Shout out to RJM

    Love my GT22! With mine I started off simple and have now polished my on stage workflow to the perfect degree with it. I connect mine using that 6 pin XLR which takes care of MIDI (both ways) and power, so I just have a single cable running out from my AxeFX3 to my GT22. RJM have a software...
  3. chucma

    Happy Birthday Cliff!

    Happy Birthday and many happy returns Cliff! Hope you get spoilt rotten today!!
  4. chucma

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 14.05

    The Spawn Q-Rod OD1-1 is just sounding so lush with my Tele! It's my dream Plexi with a completely different logo! :):) To be fair, I never really used it much before this FW, so I don't know if it is a result of the FW or I just missed it all this time.
  5. chucma

    Chasing Periphery’s Tone...

    Woah that sounds great!! So the bass was literally just MIDI into EZBass into an IR?
  6. chucma

    Fractal Audio Blocks Guide Updated - v1.1 - Nov 24, 2020

    Luvly jubbly! I've already learnt something new about the Drive block! Thanks Matt!!
  7. chucma

    Recording using line out's

    That oddly does sound great yet goes against all my instincts and recording foundations! :grinning: To prevent derailing this thread, I would love it if you had the time to post another thread where you go into detail of how you mic'd your monitors up and what gear you used please (i.e. mic and...
  8. chucma

    My wife passed away today

    This is very sad news, you must be heart broken. Will be thinking of you and your family over the next few days and praying for you all.
  9. chucma

    I made a thing

    Very handy and smart idea! Thanks for sharing, will be bookmarking it!!
  10. chucma

    My realtime sound sounds more fluid and thicker than the recording

    Good point, the input levels on the Zoom are definitely worth checking too. Presumably the Zoom is connected to the mix console and not your AxeFx for live gigs? If so, then check what is happening with the Sends on the mix console to your Zoom. E.g. maybe the sound guy is adding reverb for the...
  11. chucma

    My realtime sound sounds more fluid and thicker than the recording

    In most cases this is because of volume. At gig level you play at a much higher volume which will give you a much more satisfying tonal blast in the face for various reasons. However, I've never had a problem with my recorded live sounds, so maybe check if the sound guy has done anything on the...
  12. chucma

    My 1st song- December... need help with mix

    I like it a lot! Good work, especially considering it is your first mix!! My only feedback is I felt the instruments could do with a tiny bit more separation from the drums, EQ shelving or panning or maybe some compression - BUT that is my personal pref and I don't think I could have done as...
  13. chucma

    Some Live IIC+ Snippets and 2gtrs through one Axe!

    Awesome playing!! Like a ginger haired Marty Friedman! :)
  14. chucma

    Import a 44.1 kHz GarageBand track into 48 kHz Logic Pro X?

    I've worked with old recordings too and the Smart Tempo has been so useful for those (what the heck were they smoking in the 70s anyway!?!?) :D
  15. chucma

    The Sky is Crying (NOT SRV) Live Jam

    Love this band!!
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