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Recent content by ChrisMetal86

  1. ChrisMetal86

    FREE! PER Fab5 1x10 CabPack - Eminence Ragin' Cajun

    Heck yes! The demos on this one sounded killer so can't wait to give these a whirl this weekend! It is supposed to be a rainy day Sunday, so I will try these out all day! Thanks PerChr, you are awesome sir!
  2. ChrisMetal86

    My NEW SLASH PATCH! (1976 Ibanez Les Paul Custom test) - MLSoundLab cab

    Sweet patch. When I make a Slash patch, I blend a couple IRs from Cabpack 7 & 8.. The Mesa Standard with V30s & Marshall (forget what model) with Greenbacks if I'm not mistaken. Can't remember exactly which ones and the settings in CabLab, but I used my ears and went back and forth for a while...
  3. ChrisMetal86

    Ownhammer vs ML Sound Lab IRs Test, who is better?

    I agree with this, the first example does not sound like the same speaker to me as well. I first listened with my phone's speaker and and it was pretty evident. Then listened through my studio monitors. It was even more evident in the monitors. However they all sounded great to me. OH & ML make...
  4. ChrisMetal86

    Yngwie Malmsteen - Arpeggios from Hell cover

    As always, your playing is top notch! Always enjoy your videos dude!
  5. ChrisMetal86

    Eminence Patriot Ragin' Cajun 10"

    Ah I see that now. I'm half asleep so forgive the blindness :confused: Will give these a run next weekend.
  6. ChrisMetal86

    Eminence Patriot Ragin' Cajun 10"

    Sweet, this is great news. I still use your RNDI Carvin Legacy captures pretty regular. These sound excellent as well! Thank you for your hard work! Is the bass pack still up? I recently started playing bass and would like to give those a go when I get a few free minutes next weekend.
  7. ChrisMetal86

    Eminence Patriot Ragin' Cajun 10"

    Wow that demo sounds insanely good! Would love to see a cabpack on this speaker. Have never had any experience, but your clip sounded super nice!
  8. ChrisMetal86

    Holiday Gift Ideas

    Finally had a chance to play bass for a few hours without interruptions. I was only able to play at bedroom volumes, but they sound killer for bass.
  9. ChrisMetal86

    Front ported monitors (Presonus E5) placed in the corner...

    I have those monitors and they are awesome! You can't beat them for the price and they sound great! I have my desk set in the corner and my monitors about 1-2 foot away from the walls. I leave them at default and they sound damn good! I also have my room treated with bass traps and acoustic...
  10. ChrisMetal86

    Soaring, Sustaining, Leads-a la Scorpions, Nightranger

    Man I love the Scorpions lead tones! They had some of the best of all time, and killer players to boot.
  11. ChrisMetal86

    Fractal Audio DRIVE models: Bit Crusher

    I remember going through the drives when I first got my XL and came across this one.. I was like WTF is that some kinda software glitch in the Axe? o_O
  12. ChrisMetal86

    So, the whole Klon thing

    Ah, the Klon.. I have never played one, but had a brief discussion with an artist who owns one. He was showing me some of his huge pedal collection in the studio and says to me, "Hey, have you ever tried a real Klon?" I was like, "Nope, but I hear tons of great things about them. What's the...
  13. ChrisMetal86

    Merry Christmas :0)

    Merry Christmas Larry, hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday!
  14. ChrisMetal86

    One killer dream album - Artists you'd like to see do a collaboration album

    So I was going through my catalog of music this morning at the office and thought, man how cool would it be to have some of these amazing musicians do a collaboration album together. I know some of them have worked with each other a few times, but I mean a full album with all of them working on...
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