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Recent content by Chewie5150

  1. Chewie5150

    The other HSS: Who does this?

    Up f*cked seem does that
  2. Chewie5150

    E-Drum kit suggestions

    Today added a Roland BT-1 (bar trigger) for an extra assignable trigger. Just attached to the same L-rod as my floor tom. Likely use for cowbell mostly but has me wondering about possibilities. I wish this was midi programmable then I could connect it to my FC-12 to trigger looper playback...
  3. Chewie5150

    NAD - Diezel VHX

    I haven't really touched the diezel model much but after watching that Tim Pierce vid , wow its a surprisingly versatile amp. Then again Tim can make a cactus sound good.
  4. Chewie5150

    Boss FV-500H ultimate mod

    cool mod!
  5. Chewie5150

    New 2022 EBMM John Petrucci Models

    That Tiger eye quilt top JP15 is lush. That's the exact finish I wanted when I bought my JP15 but they weren't making at the time.
  6. Chewie5150

    Ticketmaster may very well be satan in business form.

    Or when Ticketmaster becomes the ticket scalper. I was watching the news other day about Ticketmaster's 'dynamic pricing'. An algorithm that works in real time to determine supply and demand. Bruce Springsteen tickets , recently, were reported to go up as high as $5000
  7. Chewie5150

    McCarty with P90s anyone?

    I had my EBMM JP15 up on local used market recently and a guy offered me a trade for one just like that. It was a 2005 McCarty Soapbar light amber finish.
  8. Chewie5150

    NAD - Diezel VHX

    I have never seen one of those before?! the analog + digital....a dyad in the force
  9. Chewie5150

    NPD: Vineham Royal (A3 PAF)

  10. Chewie5150

    E-Drum kit suggestions

    Another question for you guys. Anyone have experience with Drum-tec sound packs/kits? I was looking at a few packages and the sound demos are pretty good. Was considering the Allstars, Rock classics or Real Acoustics edition. To clarify these are for the roland modules. Are these basically just...
  11. Chewie5150

    POLL: What should the next NEW AustinBuddy TonePack be, before 2023 hits?

    I voted single coil focused presets mainly because i feel you can get so many fx blocks that are out there from so many good user and factory presets that have been shared. These fx blocks don't seem too different based on the guitar I'm playing but the guitar I'm playing (Humbucker vs...
  12. Chewie5150

    E-Drum kit suggestions

    After a week or so of burning through these Drumeo lessons I'll say this shit is addictive and fun. I'm wishing I had started this years ago. Here's a shot of the kit fully put together. Using ipad with Bluetooth for playing along is awesome
  13. Chewie5150

    E-Drum kit suggestions

    Unsolicited stick pics!!! :tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy::tearsofjoy: should actually be a dedicated thread called 'show me your sticks!'
  14. Chewie5150

    E-Drum kit suggestions

    When I was at Long & Mcquade the drum guys all just said meh, use regular sticks. Especially in my situation its all edrums. I'll just keep an eye on wear and tear on the sticks which shouldn't be much. I'm just hitting mesh and rubber pretty much
  15. Chewie5150

    Wilkinson wvs1302p on a charvel pro mod gotoh 510?

    I got email notification as well but had already purchased the full bridge some time ago. Their store is gonna be out of stock again just from the forum members here placing orders!
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