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Recent content by Chewie5150

  1. Chewie5150

    Headphones for mixing purposes

    Yes I know loads of threads on headphones but most are geared for playing with Axe Fx. I'm looking for open headphones to compliment my other sound sources to mix my own recordings. I have the Beyerdynamic 880/990 pros on my radar and wonder if anyone has any other recommendations. Price range...
  2. Chewie5150

    Fun little pieces of studio gear - what you got?

    Another interesting little controller - the nOb. Came up on my youtube feed this morning. Basically a lot like my Steinberg AI CMC controller. AI knob but with a lot of functionality. Seems they are quite pricey but I like the form and function of this little device.
  3. Chewie5150

    Fun little pieces of studio gear - what you got?

    @GlennO I've never heard of this unit before, interesting. Are you using it alongside the Axe Fx for recording?
  4. Chewie5150

    Fun little pieces of studio gear - what you got?

    I"ll start with this nifty little keyboard/pad controller I just picked up this week - MAudio Oxygen Pro 25. I have a full sized 88 keyboard but I wanted something directly in front of me at the computer as a scratchpad kind of tool to craft/audition various sounds/plugins as well as have pads...
  5. Chewie5150

    The CNFB Method

    and thus skynet was born. next FW update. power cycles. message reads' give me your pick, guitar and keys to your bike'
  6. Chewie5150

    Opinions Wanted: Do You Believe Finger Speed Is A Natural Talent?

    speaking of the genetic factor I vaguely recall an interview I read (before youtube days) with Joe Satriani commenting on how Steve Vai's tendons and fingers just were like endowed somehow. Not his words but that was the sentiment he expressed. On top of his crazy talent and dedication of course.
  7. Chewie5150

    Post Your FC-12 and FC-6 Pedalboards Here

    Decided to add a pair of these dual switches I had sitting around from my old MFC-101. Set them up as stand-in switches. So easy to setup. Each has short/long press: 1) amp lvl +/- 2) Efx 1/2 3) Scenes/Presets 4) Looper/Tuner. Works like a charm.
  8. Chewie5150

    Silent Running (Mike and the Mechanics) Solo

    Killer as always brother! And damn you for years of inspiring GAS!!!!! ;)How you liking that Schecter? I'd love to try one of those someday
  9. Chewie5150

    Compressor help please??!

    +1 on leon's vids. He has loads of short tone tips on his channel and also on G66 where I've learned lots of helpful tips. Funny you mention compressors as I was just watching his vid on that this morning. This is Compressor on clean tones. For the heavier djent/chug chug kind of applications...
  10. Chewie5150

    Wish Sonic Maximizer Cohesion

    I have an Aphex 204 in my rack that has been sitting there dormant for a good 10 yrs. Similar to the BBE I believe and just hypes up certain frequencies. I just like it cuz it says 'big bottom';)
  11. Chewie5150

    Recording Template Preset?

    I dont' even see code anymore. I just see: Reverb block, Delay, PEQ, Drive , Send, Return, 2 more signal paths., more blocks, few OUT blocks.... hahha dude, that's pretty elaborate signal chain!
  12. Chewie5150

    Changing to a Bareknuckle Bridge Pickup in a Jackson PC-1

    I don't wear glasses but anytime I'm trying to see small/fine detail especially when doing soldering on the guitar I struggle. I just picked up a pair of these and will use them once I get my BKP rebel yell pickup to install in my Gibby.
  13. Chewie5150

    Joe Satriani - Surfing with the Alien cover

    Amazing! I listened to that album so many times as a teenager
  14. Chewie5150

    Piping Computer Audio via In USB to Looper block!

    With all the features of the Axe you sometimes forget to utilize something as useful and powerful as the looper block. From auditioning IR's to isolating harsh frequencies and today, I finally got around to using the 'In USB' from my Mac which was a breeze to setup. I can loop sections of any...
  15. Chewie5150

    Where can I get a list of the real names of the overdrives in the FM3. I like king of tone…is that a Klon?

    When I saw king of klon my immediate thought was khan. Then thought that'd be a great overdrive pedal. KHAN!
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