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Recent content by ChainOfThought

  1. ChainOfThought

    iZotope Ozone Elements 9 free

    Nice, just went for it
  2. ChainOfThought

    Where to download MFC-Edit

    This is awesome. I’ll be grabbing this shortly and hoping to use it in the near future. awesome gesture, thank you
  3. ChainOfThought

    Is internet connection essential for recording?

    I’ve seen some guys that intentionally make certain that their recording desk is isolated from the internet. It means that you have 100% control over what/when updates happen and nothing malicious can get in and tank your system. I record in a storage unit turned practice space with a Mac...
  4. ChainOfThought

    Fedit MFC Editor - Updated/Free

    Can get to the site, but when I click download for the mac version its not there. Sad.
  5. ChainOfThought

    Three Scenes from Two Switches

    “the process of transferring information to or from memory in which every memory location can be accessed directly rather than being accessed in a fixed sequence.” definition of random access for how Matt is using the term here. Kind of confusing if you’ve never been a computer/software nerd...
  6. ChainOfThought

    USB audio issue (Mac OS X)

    When it happens try going into system preferences and change the device back to default and then switch back to the axe. Might be an easier way to reset things than closing all your software.
  7. ChainOfThought

    Neutral FULL range IR's cabs? also What amp do you audition IR's with? (high gain)

    For that type of analogy I would say it’s more like the head is the pallet and the cab is the medium. It’s integral to the sound and choosing different mediums to paint your picture on will yield different results. your analogy would be more similar to remixing a track and heavily editing the...
  8. ChainOfThought

    Recommended places to post for help with Drum Programming ?

    Drummers still play drums. Guitarists who don’t have access to a drummer find digital workarounds. I find it easiest to use the midi that came with ezdrummer and associated Ezx kits to get close and then modify from there. That’s what I’m currently do as we record our first demo, but I also...
  9. ChainOfThought

    First tube amp in 8 years - Engl Savage 120 w/ custom vert 2x12

    Damn I totally would have kept that grill, that looked awesome haha. the savage was my first ‘high class’ tube amp and remains my favorite. Loved that head, traded it of course because I’m an idiot, but damn it was awesome
  10. ChainOfThought

    Running full band (2 Guitars + 1 Bass)

    I’m pretty sure you can change channels on a block via the fc switches, but I don’t own any of that so I’m not certain. Assuming you can do it that way, then you changing channels on your amp block wouldn’t affect his. He wouldn’t have a wayto control himself unless you share the fc, give him...
  11. ChainOfThought

    Running full band (2 Guitars + 1 Bass)

    I don’t have a 3 so I might get some of the wrong. usually when using a mono input to a stereo channel, Left is the default side to use. I would stick with that and pay attention to the routing in the preset. I’m guessing your input blocks let you select where the signal is coming from but I...
  12. ChainOfThought

    IR Length

    Gotcha, I only think of IR’s in terms of recording so I don’t really consider or care about what an ir sounds like in a room. I also fully realize I’m probably in a minority there, I play through an amp & cab for rehearsal and I don’t play live at all. eta: and I definitely do get that you...
  13. ChainOfThought

    IR Length

    So is there a difference in capturing room reflections on an ir VS traditionally recording a cab where reflections are happening in real time? Is there an audible benefit (subjectively) to recording a real cab and having those reflections on the recording? Does it basically just amount to a...
  14. ChainOfThought

    IR Length

    I think it’s not actually mimicking a studio because you get the one reflection snapshot and not an actual real time decay of reflections? I feel like that’s some of the basis of what shattered is trying to find a way around, but I’m not really sure.
  15. ChainOfThought

    7 string vs 6 string war!

    Both, depends on what I’m after. I guess I feel the most ‘free’ on a 7, but I also have more of a tendency to just play sludgy death metal stuff on the B rather than get creative and move around.
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