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Recent content by cellopet

  1. cellopet

    CoverPot for Axe-Fx 3 and FM3

    I love mine! I 've just had a set for Axe Fx III and one for FM3!!! Great Work Isma!!!!
  2. cellopet

    FM3 + FC Controller = OMG!

    I REALLY love the OMG15! I made the same starting from the OMG9, but now that is official I will install this! THANKS!
  3. cellopet


    Thanks anyway my friend
  4. cellopet


    Hi, have you sold both or you have one available?
  5. cellopet

    FM3 + FC12 = OMG15

    YEAH!!!! I asked for it some months ago!!! And you do it!!! THANKS!!!
  6. cellopet

    Axe-Fx III 16.00 Beta 4 "Cygnus" Firmware - Public Beta

    I have this luxury, I have a III Mark II and a FM3. I will do this comparison by myself! Thanks for this suggestion!
  7. cellopet

    New FM ???

    I don’t think FAS will release another FM too soon. Too early, G66 hasn’t finished FM3 waiting list in UE. I’m enjoying my FM3 so much ❤
  8. cellopet

    Quick and dirty Frippy 16 second loop

    Simeon, I downloaded your patches during the first lockdown, and this is one of my favorite preset ever. Since April I use almost everyday, I changed something to my taste but I really want to thank you. 🙏
  9. cellopet

    Closed Cab Sim On/Off in different Output

    yes, I do like this, and pan -100/+100. But the plex sound a lot different before or after the cab
  10. cellopet

    Closed Cab Sim On/Off in different Output

    This could be a good option for people who use Output 1 for PA and other Output for Power Amp + Real cabinet. During these years I've always put cabinet as last block and split my signal going to a different output ( as suggested in the Axe Fx 3 Manual), and it works very well BUT some blocks (...
  11. cellopet

    Is there an OMG15 for FM3 + FC-12?

    Hi guys, here is Marcello from Italy. I have an Axe Fx 3 and FC12. My FM3 arrived only 3 days ago and I wonder if there is a solution to have a sort of OMG15 setup. Does anyone have already done it? My dream is to carry my FM3 to gigs and rehersal, but only sometimes I can carry my FC12 with...
  12. cellopet

    FM3 + FC-6 = OMG9!

    Could you do an OMG15? It would be so nice!
  13. cellopet

    Depeche Mode Synth/Moog Lead ( It’s no Good Cover)

    Here I added at Scene 1 a Filter 2 block with attached External 1 with Exp pedal.
  14. cellopet

    Depeche Mode Synth/Moog Lead ( It’s no Good Cover)

    Here you are Scene 1 is the Intro, scene 2 is intro with Pitch Shifter and Scene 5 is the Lead Thanks again
  15. cellopet

    Depeche Mode Synth/Moog Lead ( It’s no Good Cover)

    Sorry, I’ve never managed at all with filters...
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