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Recent content by cdub

  1. cdub

    Reb Beach - HH

    Taking a stab at Reb Beach's Headed for a Heartbreak solo. The patch is attached if you would like to try it out.
  2. cdub

    Judas Priest - Touch of Evil solo

    Probably my favorite Glen Tipton solo. Recorded direct using reaper. I tried to just get in the ball park with the tone. The patch is attached for anyone that would like to try it.
  3. cdub

    Satriani Cover

    Giving Always With Me, Always With You a try. The Patch is attached if anyone would like to have it.
  4. cdub

    Testament - Return to Serenity Solo

    Hoping this world does sooner rather than later, but in the meantime I tested my own serenity trying to learn this solo. I've gotten somewhat close. Clean and lead patches are attached if anyone would like to have them. Enjoy.
  5. cdub

    ToneQuest - Episode 8 - John Petrucci + Free Preset!

    Sounds pretty good using my JP6 & QSC K12. Thanks!
  6. cdub

    Should I get an Axe-Fx?

    I own the Ultra and a II XL+. They both sound great. The major difference for me was that the II sounded quite a bit better straight out of the box & it was easier to dial in great tones. I felt the learning curve on the Ultra was much longer & you may need to turn some dials to very odd...
  7. cdub

    White Lion Wait

    Instead of doing something constructive on a day off I'm playing with toys. Much more fun. Tried to get in the ballpark of Vito's tone. Patches are attached if anyone would like them. Used scene 1 for rhythm and scene 2 for the lead and the Vito clean for the end.
  8. cdub

    Steve Vai - Eugene's Trick Bag

    Wish I could "mess up" that good. Phenomenal job!
  9. cdub

    Dokken - Kiss Of Death

    My attempt at George Lynch's Kiss of Death solo. Just trying to get in the ball park on the tone. I've attached the patch in case anyone would like to have it. Used scene 1 for rhythm and scene 2 for the lead. Recorded direct using Reaper.
  10. cdub

    Maiden - The Evil That Men Do

    Trying to get close to that Seventh Son tone. I've attached the patch if anyone is interested. Used scene 1 for both rhythm parts & scene 2 for the lead. Enjoy.
  11. cdub

    Gig video- The Ultimate Sin

    Nice! Great tone too!
  12. cdub

    My favorite High Gain Tone

    I don't have a way to record the Ultra direct. Not sure this patch would sound that great recorded direct anyway. I've some fairly close with the Axe 2 using the Angle 2 amp & 1960A G12M cab. I'm assuming that cab is the closest thing to the 4X12 Green from the Ultra? Not sure how it will...
  13. cdub

    My favorite High Gain Tone

    This is by far my favorite high gain tone I've come up with on any Fractal product. I've tried really hard to replicate this on my Axe Fx II XL, but can't seem to quite match it. Lately I'm not even turning on the XL, just always playing my Ultra & using this patch. I'm using a Music Man...
  14. cdub

    Steve Vai "For the Love of God"

    That was stunning. I would love the patch if you would be willing to share it. Thank you.
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