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Recent content by cabo246

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    "Petrucci Rig" Factory Preset Update JPIIC+ and MIMIQ

    Thank you very much for helping out on this!
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    "Petrucci Rig" Factory Preset Update JPIIC+ and MIMIQ

    Any chance someone can take 2 screenshots for us axe fx II guys since we cant open the presets? 1 screenshot of how the LFO parameters are set in the Controllers section 1 screenshot how the LFO assignments are done in the Voice & Level knobs of the Detune block Much appreciated !
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    How to make 1 guitar sound like 2?

    hmm, Ive never in all my years used that block....i pulled it up but not sure how to do what you just mentioned. I see the parameters Lo Levels L&R and Pans then the Freq which is where I assume to add 110hz then I see Hi Levels L&R and Pans.... but how do I assign the lower freqs to the cab and...
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    How to make 1 guitar sound like 2?

    Thanks for the info Adman103!! So my buddy let me borrow his this morning and just tried it. Doing the way you prefer as I do to by using only one amp block (Atomica High) then into mimiq and then into panned stereo cab using YA Zilla V30 on left and H30 creamback on right for IRs. So..... The...
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    How to make 1 guitar sound like 2?

    Which way do you prefer...before 2 amp blocks or using 1 amp block then into mimiq into stereo cab? I would like to stick with one amp but if there is a significant difference in spread and size then I would go with two. Found a few used on ebay and thinking of grabbing one. Thx!
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    ToneQuest - Aftershock - Van Halen's Balance tone preset + breakdown

    Sounds great but have a quick question related to stereo. First is why not use the balance knob to pan the 2 cabs L & R and then set the input on the pitch block to stereo instead leaving it at mono since the chorus before it is stereo output and then also in the pitch block pan +9cents to left...
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    Need a Sitar type patch - any out there?

    For me its bon jovi cover of "I'll be there for you"
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    Need a Sitar type patch - any out there?

    Any chance Matt that us axe II peeps could persuade you too? No worries if not but would be much appreciated
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    FS IZOTOPE NECTAR2 Vocal Plugin

    I am selling this plugin license for $50 ( paid $200 few years back). This is more or less a high end vocal production suite plugin that has everything you need to record and mix with. Here are a few youtube links if your not familiar.
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    Friedman 2018 & HBE v2

    great songs all around what unix-guy said.... keep up the good work!
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    SOLDANO SLO 100 Patch (FW Q 9.03)

    Hi Andrea, How do you record the axe fx into your DAW? Interested in see others workflow. your tones are always very nicely shaped and mixed
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    SKID ROW - The Threat cover video

    Rocco, can you explain your recording workflow using the axe fx? I like to see how others record great tones so I can experiment. thanks!
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    Fractal Audio AMP models: Friedman BE and HBE (Friedman Marsha and BE-100)

    W When you lower the Master volume, are you doing anything else as well or just tweaking the tone knobs and that's it? I was messing with the depth knob the other day but not sure if its helping...I will try the MV tonight for sure.
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    Rundown of my template for P&W...

    Huh, so I downloaded the patch and got the xtc blue modern amps instead of the DC30, strange. Luckily it was easy enough to swap out and use your setting from the vid. Great demo on the amp for sure...Thanks!
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    VIDEO: Compression for more gain 2

    I would love to try the patch Danny boy too, could you please share with your custom IR? I really like the sound of the preset.
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