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Recent content by bulgmaf

  1. bulgmaf

    Using a right angle plug with a Tele

    Thanks for the responses everyone. I replaced it with an electrosocket from StewMac and life is good. That shipping tho. Oy vey.
  2. bulgmaf

    Using a right angle plug with a Tele

    Anyone know of any tricks to be able to use a right-angle cable plug with a Tele? Because the plug jack is recessed in a Tele, a right-angle plug won't fit. So, I'm wondering if there are any solutions (longer right angle plug, after-market replacement jack that is not recessed into the body...
  3. bulgmaf

    Wish 5E3 Tweed Deluxe model with all 3 knobs, and the resulting channel interactions

    Do you happen to know if the ‘57 Custom Deluxe hand-wired reissue from Fender has this 3-knob interplay?
  4. bulgmaf

    Does Anyone Know If Axe-Edit for Axe-Fx II will support Windows 11?

    I want to be sure before I make the change to Windows 11
  5. bulgmaf

    Could I compare AxeFxII tones to AxeFxIII without an ABY box?

    Sounds easy enough. I’m assuming Axe-Fx 3 output 1 goes to my FRFR?
  6. bulgmaf

    Could I compare AxeFxII tones to AxeFxIII without an ABY box?

    I want to rebuild some of my favorite AxeFx II presets in the Axe III from scratch (not sure I trust FracTool to get this right, given the constant FW updates). I was planning on picking up an ABY box so I could toggle between the two units, signal chain as follows: Guitar > ABY input > ABY...
  7. bulgmaf

    Tips laying vinyl planking?

    Oscillating multi tool works great for undercutting jambs too. I would also add that you want to make sure your planks are acclimated to room temp before installing, and if this will be a floating floor (I.e. - not adhered to the sub-floor), make sure to follow the instructions for edge-gapping.
  8. bulgmaf

    80s Style Chorus Block

    Where do I find information about the chorus block type "80s style"? Is this supposed to be an emulation of the Roland RE-501 Chorus Echo?
  9. bulgmaf

    Best Tone for Slide

    Double 1176s in series. Try checking out Origin Effects website and their suggested settings for their “SlideRig” compressor pedal
  10. bulgmaf

    Flock of Seagulls I Ran

    Man, that sounds great! What do you think is added into the chain to get the solo tone at 3:29? Doesn't sound like a Rat to me. How did you handle the solo?
  11. bulgmaf

    AXE-FX III took away the appetite to go to guitar shops

    And getting worse each year. The good guitar shops are prized gems. I’ve been to Bob’s a few times over the years. Great place.
  12. bulgmaf

    Thank you, Fractal!

    I’m in your shoes. Mid-50s and want to get past just noodling and repeating licks. Where does one find backing tracks?
  13. bulgmaf

    Finally decided to go direct and embrace in-ears..

    Do you plug your IEMs into a good wireless?
  14. bulgmaf

    Finally decided to go direct and embrace in-ears..

    Have you found that the in-ear experience changes the sound of your presets from what you dial in at home? I remember going to the gig, plugging into the Avioms and hardly recognizing the tones I was getting.
  15. bulgmaf

    Preset for 5150 album?

    Rocco’s is good too
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