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Recent content by brianv4

  1. brianv4

    Configuring at Axe-Fx 3 for wireless (e.g., differential line in on Input 2 "left")

    I use Sennheiser wireless, and for the longest time I ran balanced out to the Axe II. Since re-doing my rack for the Axe III, I just use the 1/4" unbalanced output to the Axe rear panel, input 1. For the 6" of cable, there's no perceivable difference. When I take the rack to the studio, I can...
  2. brianv4

    "MIKKO" - Next Gen Cab Sim | Shoot your own IR's [ML Sound Lab]

    Brilliant! And congrats!. This is how I wish the Axe III worked.
  3. brianv4

    Testing violin-like overdrive Les Paul tones

    really enjoyed listening!
  4. brianv4

    Hi everyone long time reader finally registered . An issue that is getting to me, open to ideas of the cause.

    after resetting the amp block are you saving the preset before switching and coming back? Go thru the preset and make sure all modifiers are off. Perhaps try reloading the factory presets and resetting system parameters. If that doesn't help, the problem is somewhere else
  5. brianv4

    What are some tips and tricks for glassy cleans?

    Dweezil for one, uses a clean direct guitar along with overdriven sounds quite often in order to get clarity. More common than you might think.
  6. brianv4

    Copy Scene function issue

    "Dragon Droppings" :oops::tearsofjoy:
  7. brianv4

    What about.. 2x FM3?

    hmm, ok, i'll play. How about being able to disable reverb in the FM3 allowing for 2 amp blocks and adding an FX3 in 4CM (hypothetical new FX unit)
  8. brianv4

    End of FC waitlist...

    all i can say is, if you plan on getting an FM3 and FC6, you better grab an FC6 NOW!
  9. brianv4

    End of FC waitlist...

    got the same email. i guess it means we're one step closer
  10. brianv4

    Axe-Fx III Firmware Version 6.04

    agree, multiple solo'd bands would suck but being able to bypass individual bands would be a nice touch ;-)
  11. brianv4

    FC Internal Firmware 1.09

    very simple/easy to update now!
  12. brianv4

    Wish Multiple pages for Perform Mode

    between global and per-preset you have access to 20
  13. brianv4

    Let's do it! Waitlist list. Just for fun!

    nope, not gonna do it. i'm very early though
  14. brianv4

    What Am I Missing...

    that's it, thanks @zionplayer and @DavezHear
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