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Recent content by Brian Johnston

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    REACTIVATOR by Hagerman Amps (pedal demo/review)

    I used the FM3 for effects and cab sims... I now realize why Hagerman Amps calls its latest true bypass pedal Reactivator – “it’s alive… it’s alive!” This is a low to moderate gain pedal, a two-transistor/two-triode overdrive, but its tube driven components maintain that ‘warm’ and realistic...
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    Orange Bass Butler (demo/review)

    FM3 used for reverb and interface for this video demo (the last part, with guitar, uses the Herbert Diezel amp from the FM3): There are some well-received bass pedals and preamps on the market, and the Bass Butler by Orange ranks toward the top – and for good reason. If you want your bass tone...
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    HEAVY pedal + FM3 (making hi-gain amps more brutal)

    All amps are from the FM3. I realize you can add an OD pedal from the FM3, but I like the quality and nature of the HEAVY pedal and how it interacts with the FM3:
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    WIN Busuyi Double-Neck Guitar

    Only one month left to enter... any Fractal players entering?
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    SP+ Overdrive (demo/review using the FM3)

    No affiliation to the company.... If you’re into overdrives, and pushing your amp to new levels of brilliance, TL Pedals’ SP+ JFET true bypass will not disappoint. The name of this pedal comes from another in the TL collection, the Silver Pony (which has a similar design/concept as the original...
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    La Flaca by Pure Salem Guitars (demo/review with FM3 amps)

    There’s a reason why guitarist collect guitars, besides the novelty of doing so. Each has its own characteristics and each a unique tool to express one’s musical abilities. It’s not only the feel and look (which can affect a person’s mindset), but definitely the sound generated through the...
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    WIN Busuyi Double-Neck Guitar

    MODERATORS: If this thread is inappropriate, my apologies. I'm not being paid for this service, but helping a company (by creating the video) for a giveaway contest. No purchase necessary. Obviously, delete if not appropriate. Thank you! Hi. I'm not affiliated with Busuyi, but I did a review on...
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    Larry Mitchell is currently Live

    Its available for the FM3 and Axe III on that G66 site: https://www.g66.eu/en/fm3-videos
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    METAL by Hagerman Amps (pedal demo using FM3)

    Hagerman is a solid pedal-builder/engineer, and often producing unique voicings when compared to its rivals. Its METAL pedal is no exception, although not a ‘modern’ hi-gain type pedal in the modern sense – rather, METAL is described as a distortion/fuzz, and that aspect comes through loud and...
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    34 key Kalimba (with FM3 effects - video demo)

    Never thought of doing that... are you aiming the keys toward the pickup?
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    Soul Press II (review/demo with FM3)

    Soul Press II is a true bypass pedal and an upgrade from the original Soul Press, and with some significant changes. This pedal has Volume, Wah, an Expression out and a Volume/Wah combo. In the latter instance, the toe switch acts as a control between the Volume/Wah (shifting from one to the...
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    Duet Jaw Harp/Vargan (video demo)

    I used the FM3 for the echo/reverb (via a microphone)
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    Parabellum Drive (review with demo)

    Using amps/cabs from the FM3 If you’re looking for ‘boutique,’ then Night Owl Industries fits that bill. This company’s focus is on tone, while delivering something unique, and its current project is no exception – The Parabellum Drive (a collaboration with Dunwich Amps). It can hotrod a clean...
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    'X' Jaw Harp video demo

    Duh! LOL
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