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Recent content by bjjp2

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    Overwhelmed by cabs to be honest....

    I second Leon’s free Marshall cabs. They sound great.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 12.08 Public Beta 4

    I just reamped with it last night.
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    Hard rock song I wrote (Pete Thorn preset content)

    Just getting into recording so forgive me if amateurish. Also my singing is, well, bad, so thanks for gritting your teeth through it. (I try to bury it in effects). Hang in there at least for the first solo, which I think really demonstrates how great the III sounds! Main riff and Rhythm guitar...
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    How to collaborate with person who has 44.1khz?

    Thanks. But when I bring it back into logic is the vocal going to sound weird?
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    How to collaborate with person who has 44.1khz?

    Just started getting into recording. Been recording in Logic at 48khz because of AxeFx limitation. (Not trying to open up that debate). Now I want to exchange tracks with my singer who only has GarageBand, which is limited to 44.1. What’s the best way to make this work? Thanks.
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    Matrix NL212

    I love them.
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    Fractal Audio Artist Preset Series - Pete Thorn

    Wow, these sound awesome! Such simple presets. Have to figure out what the magic sauce is. That plexi patch sounds so much better than my plexi patch that I've spent years fiddling with.
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    Pete Thorn FM3 Demo

    Nice to have him back in the fold.
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    Amp/Cab guys--what speakers are you playing through?

    That‘s a lot of speakers!
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    Amp/Cab guys--what speakers are you playing through?

    Wondering what type of speakers guys are using when playing through real amp/cab.
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    Help with reamping

    Success! That was the last problem. Was monitoring through my computer not through the Axe. Plugged into the headphone out of Axe and could hear the reamping. Thanks so much for your help.
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