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Recent content by bjjp2

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    Backup gear for rehearsal and gig

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    Announcing the New FM9 Amp Modeler/FX Processor

    Damn, just got on wait list but normally I would have checked the forum multiple times today. Was busy. Oh well. Hopefully it doesn’t take too long.
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    Any tips for creating an IR for a noob

    There are hundreds in the unit itself. You don't need to create or buy any.
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    Selling Guitars Online - Best Place Nowdays?

    Hey, up to you, but we're just talking about trying to sell stuff here. I've bought and sold hundreds of guitars, amps and pedals there. Never had a bad transaction. Big audience of people interested in gear. No fees (other than pp fees if you use it). No tax. I go to Reverb as a last resort.
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    Selling Guitars Online - Best Place Nowdays?

    The Gearpage is still the best place overall for me and the first place I go.
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    Gary Moore long sustain with FM3

    Should be 121. “Still Blue.”
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    Gary Moore long sustain with FM3

    There’s a Gary Moore preset. At least there is on the III. Used to be called Still Got the Blues.
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    Your best electric guitars, do they sound great acoustically?

    I’ve noticed no real connection.
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    Beard trimmers

    I like this one, for beard and head:
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    Black Sabbath’s “Fairies Wear Boots” Live

    Sounds great. Any chance you’d care to share the patch?
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    Review - Axe FX 3 - After a year of using it.

    On the device hit the arrow a few times to the right and you have a list of all your presets you can easily navigate through.
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    The Cygnus Limelight M@ preset appreciation thread

    It’s one of the new factory presets.
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 16.02 Public Beta

    Not sure I can tell distinctions between firmwares anymore, all I know is I'm extremely happy every time I play through this thing. Thanks.
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