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Recent content by bern

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    Do You Guys Mostly Use 3rd Party IRs or Are You Happy with Factory Cabs/IRs?

    Celestion Suhr IRs work best for me
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    Is there any chance the midi block output has slowed?

    Hey, just interested: how is your setup with the synergy? Do you use any power amp modeling? IRs? Or do you use the AXE just for the FX?
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    Playing Outside - Freezing Cold

    Switching was fast, just the display struggled ;-)
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    Playing Outside - Freezing Cold

    Did you used a FC board? Any troubles with the Tuner Display?!?
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    Playing Outside - Freezing Cold

    I used these gloves, I don’t know how cold the fretboard was ... the are not leather, they are plastic (made for paining,...) and that felt perfect on the fretboard. Not sticky but not too fast either.
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    Playing Outside - Freezing Cold

    We played 2 hours ...
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    Playing Outside - Freezing Cold

    Hey. I survived :-). I bought gloves at a DIY Market and cut off the fingertips to hold my pick and it worked. I could even do palm mutes! AXE III worked fine but it was not possible to use the tuner on the FC12 because the display was getting so slow (I assume because of the low temperature)...
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    Playing Outside - Freezing Cold

    I guess I'll leave it on. Will tell you how it was - if I survive ;-)
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    Playing Outside - Freezing Cold

    Hello, I am playing outside tomorrow and it is gonna be cold (about -2°C that is 29°F). There are 2 hours between Soundcheck and Showtime. Is it better the leave the AXE III on all the time (to avoid condensed water) or switch it off? thanks Bern
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    Lag when recording in Logic Pro X

    With other interfaces I never had that problem - maybe a driver thing?!?
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    Lag when recording in Logic Pro X

    Have the same problem in Pro Tools.... has nothing to do with "low Latency mode". It is a recording offset. I am still looking for a solution ....
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    Pro Tools lags and locks ups when recording, Reason works fine

    I record with Pro Tools 2019.10 (Ultimate) and have a recording offset. That means that the audio is aways way behind (about 500 samples)
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    So, convince me to sell my Kemper...

    I had a Kemper, now AXE III and count not be happier
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