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Recent content by benson

  1. benson

    AX8 Does Bon Jovi // Dead Or Alive // GoPro Video

    Thanks mate, hugely appreciated!
  2. benson

    AX8 Does Bon Jovi // Dead Or Alive // GoPro Video

    Sounds great man, any chance you could share the preset please? My band are covering the same song and it would be good to make proper use of the Ax8 and not resort to the Variax.
  3. benson

    Re-Load or Reset an amp...???

    Is this necessary for any other blocks after a firmware upgrade?
  4. benson

    Atomic CLR - can't buy one

    I bought one from Andertons three months ago, it's developed a fault whereby one of the channels has gone dead. Andertons can't give me a replacement and they've been repeatedly let down by Atomic. In fairness Andertons did agree to refund me if I wanted it, read lots about CLR quality control...
  5. benson

    With the news of overseas assembly...

    Don't be xenophobes folks, FAS are a global business and there's a big world out there full of high quality products which were made outside of the US of A.
  6. benson

    Clean Fender Funk with 8 scenes and envelope filters

    Did this very cool looking preset ever get converted to the AX8 or do the blocks translate well with Fractool?
  7. benson

    Bug? AX8 not displaying reverse auto-engaged effects properly

    Yes it is. Wouldn't be auto-engage without :) (Edit) auto-off value of 95% did it - thanks!
  8. benson

    Bug? AX8 not displaying reverse auto-engaged effects properly

    When you auto-engage an effect block using an expression pedal with the min value set to 0% and max 100% the AX8 display changes to reflect the block is enabled or disabled as you would expect. However, the display does not correctly reflect the block status if the reverse min and max values...
  9. benson

    Wireless - Shure GLXD16 or Line 6 G70 ???

    The Shure doesn't have a replaceable battery AFAIK, when they eventually wear out as they are prone to do over time then you'll struggle. The G70 on the other hand is equally as rugged yet takes batteries you can buy anywhere.
  10. benson

    New AX8 video - My Live Direct Preset/Tones

    Hey Rich, great video mate, how about a video on using the Banshee? Could use some tips from setup, tube placement, settings and technique.
  11. benson

    Rehearsal volume without clipping

    As has already been suggested, take the time to understand clipping and how it relates to your volume. I had very similar issues with my Ax8 but I just read the available material and watched a video or two and problem solved.
  12. benson

    Kudos to Chris and the videos!

    Not sure what you're asking for. Your post was to thank Chris and give your personal endorsement to his products, which you did. The cynical might be forgiven for thinking the intention was to drum up business for him :)
  13. benson

    AX8 in front of 10,000!

    Sounds awesome, question, how are you integrating the Banshee? Do you have it the traditional inline method or through the Ax8 FX loop? If the latter do you use the gain of the Banshee or the gain of an Ax8 amp or drive block?
  14. benson

    Ax8 in the video of the making of Hardwired by Metallica

    Isn't the FX8 mkII cosmetically very similar to the AX8?
  15. benson

    Tweaking controller parameters for tone morphing

    I'm using a pedal to morph between a high gain (toe down) and a clean tone (heel down). I've achieved this by assigning a controller to lower the input gain and trim appropriately but because this also drops the volume I'm also increasing the amp block output level for the clean tone only. It...
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