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Recent content by BCy2k

  1. BCy2k

    Best speaker for AX8?

    +1 for XiTone 12" powered wedge.
  2. BCy2k

    Official statement bout AX8 updates needed!

    Just speaking for myself, I'd say the lack of any sort of announcement or comment regarding the prospect of future AX8 update(s) means simply, "They don't know yet." And if they don't know yet, that's why we don't know yet. It's that simple. Why obsess over it? I'm sure there are loads of...
  3. BCy2k

    AX8 Discontinued?

    Evidently what you think AX8 users wanted was not what Fractal Audio thought their users wanted. So, you were overruled ... it happens.
  4. BCy2k

    AX8 Discontinued?

    The funny thing about the AX8 is it still sounds pretty incredible even though it appears to be at the end of it's life cycle. So incredible that I doubt many (if any) could tell the difference between it, an FM3, an AFXII or III in a mix. As if the music police will write you up for not using...
  5. BCy2k

    ForScore AX8 MIDI Patch Changes

    LOL - now you've got me wondering if I could use a couple F switches from my AX8 to change pages in ForScore. Don't answer that ... jk
  6. BCy2k

    AX8 in action: live r&b band

    Yeah, LeonC. Great playing, tones, & band. Thanks for sharing!
  7. BCy2k

    AX8 vs Atomic Amplifire

    I'm emotionless when it comes to Atomic ... you seem to be reading things into my comments that just aren't there ...
  8. BCy2k

    AX8 vs Atomic Amplifire

    Exactly when did Atomic "come out and tell everyone the AA3 was 'running out of room'" before they released their pitch block firmware? I'll wait for you to post a link, but I'm not going to hold my breath because I know that's simply not true. It never happened. They didn't say anything about...
  9. BCy2k

    AX8 vs Atomic Amplifire

    I was an early adopter of the Amplifire back when it came out. I gigged mine for about 3+ years and at the time it was the best modeler I'd personally used. Until I got my AX8, but before I got my AX8, I got an FX8 (the original one). Because of the timing when the latter initially became...
  10. BCy2k

    Solo Boost: sounds great in IEM but soundman says it's not enough boost

    This ^^^ I was gonna' ask, does the soundman charge extra to turn up leads a bit?
  11. BCy2k

    AX8 with Eventide H9 Strymon BigSky

    I used an H9 max (in the loop) with my AX8 when I first started using the latter. In the end I found I didn't need the H9 all that much. As much as I like the H9. Did any of you do anything in particular with the extra CPU availability on the AX8 when using an H9 and/or a BIg Sky to handle...
  12. BCy2k

    AX8 through a DXR10, getting hum using 1/4 inch outs

    I had the same experience as what you've described except my XiTone & AX8 were indeed on the same circuit. This was also the same case when we tested everything at the shop. I still have absolutely no idea why I was getting such a loud ground loop hum. The explanation I was given didn't exactly...
  13. BCy2k

    AX8 through a DXR10, getting hum using 1/4 inch outs

    Which one, a physical ground lift on a power cable, or the ground switch on the AX8? IIRC we tested this with both 1/4" as well as XLR audio connections between the AX8 output & XiTone input. Putting the physical ground lift on the XiTone power cable resolved the hum regardless of what type of...
  14. BCy2k

    AX8 through a DXR10, getting hum using 1/4 inch outs

    I just ran into a similar problem with my XiTone using either XLR or 1/4 inputs. I had the XiTone checked out and the very capable tech I used told me there was 'nothing wrong' with it. I brought my AX8 in, connected it & was able to replicate my problem and they eventually came to the...
  15. BCy2k

    Has Anyone here ever needed to use a Line "Isolator" with their AX8 or XiTone?

    Such as a Radial IC-1 Icecube? I recently ran into an odd 1st for me. I purchased an older XiTone active wedge that has the Martix GM50 amp module in it. When I plugged in my AX8 I was greeted with an incredibly loud hum. Indicating a ground loop issue. I tried lifting the ground on the AX8...