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  1. BCy2k

    Anybody else dial in an awesome tone...

    The problem I seem to run into often is when trying to make a "new" preset, with new amps, IRs, I somehow manage to dial it in in such a way that it sounds very similar to my "old" preset. I guess I must know what I like, or I tend to gravitate to certain sounds and dial whatever I'm working...
  2. BCy2k

    No FRFR at gigs?

    I did a 10 show run over the holidays without my XiTone. We all used IEM and I thought it was fine. IEMs aren't everyone's cup o tea to be sure, but if you're acclimated to them you've always got that option.
  3. BCy2k

    Integrating AX8 with other midi fx (H9)

    Agreed - it's like adding an extra ultra block to the AX8 to be sure. I used an H9 Max with my AX8 for the first several months of having the AX8, but I ended up not using the H9 because as you mentioned, most of what I needed was already there in the AX8. The H9 is a wonderful box though!
  4. BCy2k

    Why doesn't Fractal Audio want to make AX8 Mark II model like FX8 Mark II anymore?

    What kind of help are we AX8 owners seeking, exactly? I've clearly missed a memo here. Are you unhappy with your AX8, or just confused & confounded by the FM3? I get it, it happens. FM3 is not a successor, correct. It's the current (but still unavailable last I'd heard - nor to be seen on the...
  5. BCy2k

    Why doesn't Fractal Audio want to make AX8 Mark II model like FX8 Mark II anymore?

    I'm not sure I understand this comment. Are you referring to AX8 function switches or something else? If I can select between 4 scenes using a single switch on my AX8, please elaborate because I'd love to know how to do that. Thanks.
  6. BCy2k

    Thanks to Yek's guide... (a post for newbies like me)

    +2 Yek is tha' man !
  7. BCy2k

    Why was the AX8 not upgraded to Ares?

    Yes - see reply #294 in the pinned AX8 v10.01 firmware thread. Clearly I missed this very welcome news until now - fantastic !!
  8. BCy2k

    Too pleased with the form factor of the AX8 to even think about the FM3

    I'm sure the FM3 will sound yummy, but yeah, I still love using my AX8. The sounds and the form factor have yet to disappoint. I intend to get a lot more mileage out of mine. Or so I think ;o)
  9. BCy2k

    AX8 with subpar PA

    I always bring my XiTone for either back line, or monitoring purposes. If I'm just using it for monitoring, I point it at me like a regular floor wedge. If I need it for back line I just put it behind me ala any typical combo/cab type arrangement. I don't sweat the FOH things, though I'll make...
  10. BCy2k

    Headrush 108 vs 112

    Are these indoor and outdoor venues? Just curious how they're doing on warmer outdoor events.
  11. BCy2k

    Headrush 108 vs 112

    All these Headrush powered boxes remind me of the Alto TS210s and similar powered boxes (I have 4 of the TS210s). If only because they look like they're sourced from the same manufacturer. I am aware there are some internal differences between the Alto TS312 series and the Headrush112, but I'm...
  12. BCy2k

    Best speaker for AX8?

    +1 for XiTone 12" powered wedge.
  13. BCy2k

    Official statement bout AX8 updates needed!

    Just speaking for myself, I'd say the lack of any sort of announcement or comment regarding the prospect of future AX8 update(s) means simply, "They don't know yet." And if they don't know yet, that's why we don't know yet. It's that simple. Why obsess over it? I'm sure there are loads of...
  14. BCy2k

    AX8 Discontinued?

    Evidently what you think AX8 users wanted was not what Fractal Audio thought their users wanted. So, you were overruled ... it happens.
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