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  1. BBN

    Thoughts on Jim Lill’s new video

    His Tackle Box just made the Synergy amps obsolete.
  2. BBN

    Thoughts on Jim Lill’s new video

    I noticed the same thing and remembered - he never (in the guitar compare vids) said anything about the playability or connection to the instrument, just that you could make a 2x4 'sound' like a TAG. That video helped me come to terms with - it's better to find a guitar that is more comfortable...
  3. BBN

    Thoughts on Jim Lill’s new video

    This guy's videos are just awesome. I'm sure the are lots of gear snobs that are tweaking about these vids. He is one of the best things on YouTube IMO.
  4. BBN

    Any other Atomic Reactor Series users out there? (new FRFR day)

    @sprint - my bad, it wasn't the horn that came unglued, it was the circular port ! (which makes more sense)
  5. BBN

    Any other Atomic Reactor Series users out there? (new FRFR day)

    The grill pops off, I think there is velcro in the corners. I have the passives, and one day I hear a rattle noise...pull the grill off and the horns are 'unglued' from the cabinet. Not sure why they don't screw in to begin with, but I had to re-glue them. Shore time after, rattle in the...
  6. BBN

    Any other Atomic Reactor Series users out there? (new FRFR day)

    watch out, the plastic of that horn will pop right off (if it hasnt' already) You'll need to glue them back on.
  7. BBN

    Synergye syn 2 preamp

    You could put the Synergy in the AXE loop (Output/input 3) and create scenes in the Axe that bypass the Axe 'Amp', and engage the Synergy that is 'looped in'.
  8. BBN

    Anyone using the FC12?

    I have a FC12 (for my Axe III), but often think about throwing the FM3 behind me at a gig, and just using the FC12 in front of me. No reason not too if you have use for that many switches.
  9. BBN

    Errors with JMP-1 Amp model

    The errors you are describing are the way it was designed (to work in the Axe) The B/M/T/P knobs control fixed output EQ sliders because that is the architecture of the actual JMP1. Whether or not they are the correct frequencies (to your point, is treble actually 250hz?)...I don't know, I've...
  10. BBN

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 20.05 Public Beta (Beta 1)

    I wish I could - believe it or not, the ToneMatch of the Sansamp was on my Axe 2! With the Axe 3, I just haven't had the need to do it yet?
  11. BBN

    Axe-Fx Firmware Version 20.05 Public Beta (Beta 1)

    I totally agree with this. I had a friend over with his Darkglass and I was ready to be blown away. I was like - is it on? Are these the only controls? It is very easy to replicate it with the Axe. My favorite pedal for Bass is the Sansamp Bass Driver (I know lots of folks like it). I tone...
  12. BBN

    Closest to ADA MP1?

    I've only been able to get the Fractal to sound like my JMP-1 by using Tone Match (even when using just the pre-amp) Don't know why, but mine sounds different. I use OD1. I use my JMP-1 with a Marshall 100/100 power amp. That makes it even harder to recreate in the Axe without going into the...
  13. BBN

    Closest to ADA MP1?

    You are correct. MP-1 was out well before the JMP-1. I used the MP-1 for years, and jumped to the JMP-1 the first year it was on the market. Still have the same one.
  14. BBN

    Cab Switchbox for SS Poweramp - bad idea?

    I have the Radial Cab Bone. I wanted to flip between my real Marshall Amp and the Axe III with a SS power amp, so I could get them as close as possible. Even thought I have 2 identical Mesa cabs, they sound different. So in order to get it 'as close as possible', I wanted to use one cab, just...
  15. BBN

    I Found A Marshall I'm Really Enjoying...

    I'm a Marshall guy all day long. I used to really dig the Friedmans because they were an excellent modernized Marshall. Then I took Leon Todd's suggestion and tried the Camerons. CCV2A, CCV2B.....and my god, they are perfect. Every time I venture away, I come back to the CCV's and think - yup...
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