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Recent content by BBN

  1. BBN

    Tell me about New Hampshire

    It's end of October and it was 70 degrees here yesterday. Winters can be tough, but spring and fall are still great here. If I can still ride my motorcycle, it's warm enough.
  2. BBN

    Live Album - Guitar/Bass Reamped with Axe-Fx III

    Man, just a great band. I like it all. Singer is especially tight live (I wish my tracks from a gig sounded half that good). Great stuff Leon, really pro!
  3. BBN

    Tell me about New Hampshire

    I know the area (and play that scene). Hit me up if you need any recommendations. If you haven't already landed an exact location, a little South of Manch is great (Derry, Londonderry, Windham).
  4. BBN

    Metallica - "Orion" cover

    Tone and playing are spot on, great job. You mention you tracked it with the Axe 2...but in the vid, it looks like your Axe III is 'lighting up' and you're playing through that? And if you're not playing through the Axe III, then why is it posted in the Axe III recordings section? Just...
  5. BBN

    New Deftones album Ohms is out now!

    Funny, I went into a small skateboard shop to buy a pair of Vans and they had the 7 Words demo tape for free on the counter. Took one and threw it in my truck's cassette player - I was hooked immediately.
  6. BBN

    Tell me about New Hampshire

    I live in Northern MA and worked in NH for years, have a million friends in NH, and gig a lot there. PM if you want to talk some shop. I'll tell you all the good and the bad.
  7. BBN

    What's up with this, is it for real? :(

    What an excellent point....and really all that needs to be said. I'm on my way to buy some wood at home depot, if anyone wants one of my $15 Les Pauls, let me know. Turnaround time is 24 hours, and you can't complain at all about the quality since the price is outstanding.
  8. BBN

    What's up with this, is it for real? :(

    This sums it up.
  9. BBN

    Ozzy’s “I Don’t Know”

    Looking at the nice guitar collection in the background too - a couple of EVH and a Lynch. Very cool! And the track rocks, as always!
  10. BBN

    How Can a Chubby Aging Guitarist Get in Shape?

    Diet is wrong? If you already know it all, then why are you asking for advice? 85% is diet. If you don't believe or understand that, then you will not succeed. I'm a gym rat and have not missed more than 1 week per year, for the past 25 years. And even though working out is one of the staples...
  11. BBN

    2x guitarists in your band.. one uses 100w head+4x12, and you’re using a PA… which one is more..

    Put 2 CLRs/RCFs/XiTones at chest height (tripod), and you can easily complete with a 4x12. From that point forward, it's in the hands of the pilot.
  12. BBN

    connecting a Marshall 9200 Dual MonoBlock tube power amp and a Fractal axe f/x2 xl+

    I have this power amp. Very simple. Create a preset, select an amp. Turn off power amp modelling. Don't use a Cab block. Output of Axe into the Input of one channel of the marshall power amp....power amp to cab. Done.
  13. BBN

    So love & hate on HeadRush 108's - where do I go from here?!

    Another vote for RCF NX12 SMA (based on your location). I have CLR, XiTone and the RCF. They're all amazing in their own way....but still, all amazing. Any of those three are sure not to disappoint. Buy once, cry once. (just like the Axe FX)
  14. BBN

    Collecting guitars for fun. Thoughts?

    I'm showing this to my wife so she doesn't complain about my 40+ It's a hobby....and an awesome one. Collect away!
  15. BBN

    Humanscale Freedom Chair - Not Impressed - Seeking Alternatives

    I had that Aeron chair at my office....and I miss it terribly right now (been WFH since March). Slight derail question - I have a nice leather office chair (and the arms fold up when I'm playing guitar). I want to keep the chair, but want to make it more comfortable. Can anyone recommend a seat...
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