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Recent content by BBN

  1. BBN

    Wish ADA MP-1

    Oh yes, that was my jam back in the day!!
  2. BBN

    AITR Terminology

    Chuck's post isn't about 'can it be done'....it's more about what people mean when talking about amp in the room.
  3. BBN

    AITR Terminology

    I agree Chuck P. - I have always regarded threads about amp in the room as a way to replicate (to the best of our ability) the feel/sound of a guitar cab being in the room with you. The new AITR conversations (in my brain) are more of Amp in 'a' room...and not Amp in 'the' room (that has been...
  4. BBN

    Sweet Child O” Mine - Slash Solo Cover

    Very smooth, great job!
  5. BBN

    Gojira - Magma sound

    Sounds excellent, and I agree with this comment. That bit of mid range spank, and slightly less gain, during the chorus - really makes that part of the song for me.
  6. BBN

    ZenRigs FM3 screen protector

    Do you have a website? When I click on your link for zenrigs.com I get an 'under construction' page....??
  7. BBN

    Wish Mesa boogie V twin pedal

    Same here - I liked the rack version. Would be cool to have this in the Axe (I bet Cliff or Matt replies with a - "it's already in the Axe, use Mesa XYZ with a certain tone stack")
  8. BBN

    La tempesta di sale, Modern Metal Tone

    Cool riffs and tones. Very well done!!
  9. BBN

    5150 build.

    These look excellent!! I have tried quite a bit in the past, and my results always look like garbage (in my opinion). So would love some insight!! Specifically, your paint checking/cracking looks awesome.....as well as the fret board wear.
  10. BBN

    5150 build.

    Outstanding work. Would love to see how you do a Fender style relic (like MJT does)!
  11. BBN

    Axe Fx 3 Rental

    If it's a one time rental - would not do it. Too much risk, for small reward. If it was for a periodic rental, then I'd buy a second Axe3 specifically for rental. I remember letting a guitarist borrow my Axe2 rig....and then watching the show, and the band putting beers on top of my rack...
  12. BBN


    By adjusting the Distance in the 'align' page (while using multiple IRs) ?
  13. BBN

    I just needed to make something.

    @York Audio - i can't see this question anywhere in the thread (unless I'm blind) - but what amp is that. Awesome combination of crunchy and warm with clarity.
  14. BBN

    Getting my cabinet "moving"

    One thing that confuses me is step 3. Why does it say to 'enable the Cab' (I read that is - turn the cab block back on)...but this is supposed to be getting low end through a guitar cabinet (so why would we have a Cab block in the chain)? How do I get that low end thump from my traditional...
  15. BBN

    AliExpress floral neck, scalloped from 12th to 24th fret

    check out my profile pic - i used a mirror guard on my orange parts caster. I love the look of it.
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