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Recent content by Balrog

  1. Balrog

    Ultra Encoder Issue

    I know, old thread but I'm going to add to it anyway ;). Here is some more detail (too much maybe) regarding the encoder knob design and its removal/installation. On my Ultra, circa 2011, the knob is a five piece assembly (YOURS MAY BE DIFFERENT): The black knob, the cap on the knob, two brass...
  2. Balrog

    Some gig videos from over the weekend

    Spot-on all around man, tone and playing are killer! The singer makes me smile every time I watch these, he's got Ozzy down. I watch your hellraiser video pretty often, frickin guitar tone makes me breath funny.
  3. Balrog

    Black Sabbath - Fairies Wear Boots

    Great video, man you make it look easy! Thanks for posting the preset, I'm looking forward to trying one that was built for the ASM-12. Hope I can try it tomorrow before we split for the holiday weekend. And I think your singer nails the Ozzy vibe.
  4. Balrog

    Does the AX8 have an audio gap?

    I had presets on my Ultra set up this way, but you needed two separate amp blocks in the preset to do it. I had two separate signal chains, one clean, one dirty and an expression pedal linked to mixer blocks to morph between the two. Pedal up=clean, pedal down=dirty. Worked perfect, you could...
  5. Balrog

    Too amp like????

    Yep I had earbuds in and it sounded great, it's just that when someone is videoing and the phone is moving around you get funky angular tone sweeps (I'm going to create an official acronym for that situation "FATS"). Or should it be Funky Angular Reactive Tone Sweeps? Sorry, 12 year old mind in...
  6. Balrog

    My First Two Hours with the AX8

    This is so true!! Coming from an AxeFx Ultra I was amazed at how quickly I found great tone in the AX8, with minimal tweaking and just amp and cab blocks.
  7. Balrog

    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    Thanks for the kind words guys!
  8. Balrog

    Too amp like????

    The video issue must have been my laptop, watched them on my phone instead and from what I could tell the tone sounds really good in the mix X. Like you said it's hard to tell a lot from from the audio, I gotta get over to see you guys when you play there, it's ten minutes from me. Great vocals...
  9. Balrog

    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    I built this oversized armoire cabinet a number of years ago to house my guitar stuff. It's been through a few different internal configurations, this is the newest, and thanks to the AX8 and ASM-12, the best so far! It's not portable ;-).
  10. Balrog

    Too amp like????

    Vids aren't playing for me, but then again, I had a chance to be there in person Saturday night so it serves me right haha. Wish we didn't have another commitment. I also could have answered my own question about your ASM speaker grilles.
  11. Balrog

    Video from Saturday night's gig

    Great stuff man, love the spot-on playing and tone, and your wah attack was outstanding.
  12. Balrog

    Clyde wah + Analog Flanger (Video)

    Great job X, I need to explore the JS410 one of these days.
  13. Balrog

    Ax8 output knob not turning completely down?

    I noticed the same thing on my Ax8 and thought something was wrong because the output level controls on my Ultra go down to zero output. Glad this was intentional and understand why, I've gotten caught in the "WTF happened-why no sound-oh duh" Bermuda Triangle myself a few times.
  14. Balrog

    The aX8-Mann cometh! Pics, video & audio review

    Xmann! Mike from work here, ordered ax8 yesterday (currently at camp ground in Muskegon lol), delivery date is this Tuesday, totally stoked!!!!! May have to work from home so I can sit on the porch and stalk the UPS guy. Can't wait to compare to my ultra. Ok, back to jaming Bonamassa and...
  15. Balrog

    YT: Axe-Fx Mesa for Metal Shootout!

    I thought you got rid of the AXE and went to Overloud and real amps (?), but whatever that was, they all sounded really good. Anyway, fwiw, I liked the Mark IV best, probably because I've owned two of them before going digital and I prefer Mark tones. The H&K sounded good too. Edit: I just saw...
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