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    Wish List Display Zoom

    Heck, I have 20/20 vision and I can't read the home screen with a quick glance while standing up playing. Too much tiny text jammed together on one side of the screen. If I stop everything and stare at the screen I can read it, but not while playing which I think is the target use of the FM's.
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    FM9 FAQ

    Does it have the variable impedance input of the Axe III or single impedance like FM3?
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    Best alternative to an EV-2?

    Thanks for the info! Is the travel and feel under foot similar?
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    Best alternative to an EV-2?

    I understand the X 8 is about 1/2 inch longer which makes things a little tighter than I would like, but it might work. Not sure if it is worth getting compared to the mini X?
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    Best alternative to an EV-2?

    Do you feel one works better or feels better than the other? Dead space on either?
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    Best alternative to an EV-2?

    I've been on the EV-2 wait list for a couple of months and was told by FA CS the other day that it will be another 1.5-2 months before they hopefully have them in stock again. I want to finish my FM3 board and I have a limited about of space. The EV-2 was about the ideal size, I might be able to...
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    FS FC-6 For Sale - Minty Condition

    Up for sale is an FC-6 in minty condition. Lightly used at home. but actually spent the last 6 or so months in the box so it's time to sell. Comes in original box and packaging. Shipped and Paypal'd anywhere in the CONUS for $450 insured. PM for questions. First to give a solid "I'll take it"...
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    Wish Ability to change external switch functions per layout

    Giving my two or four external switches the same per layout flexible as the built in switches would make the FM3 a dramatically better product IMO. Hope this gets added soon.
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    Welcome John Mayer

    Very cool. Been listening to the new album a lot since my 3 month old baby seems to really dig it. Some great songs and playing on the record, but “All I want is to be with you” is my favorite. The solos at the end are awesome. Wonder if that is the Axe?
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    Wish Ability to change external switch functions per layout

    Can I plus one again? +1 My external foot switch sits mostly unused because I can't do the things I want with it as is. Things like +1/-1 no matter if in preset, scene or effects layouts.
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    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00

    Unless I'm blind, I don't see a statement of what version of Cygnus is included. Last beta was apparently equivalent to 16.02, but I understood 16.03 brought some other improvements. Just wondering if those changes are included or yet to come? Looking forward to checking it out!
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    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00

    Yeah, I don't think the new compressor or delay stuff is included. I was mostly wondering if the amp modeling is now aligned with the III.
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    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00

    Wondering the same thing.
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    Is Kiesel worth the wait?

    I received a new headless Leia with 24.75 scale a few months ago after a 3-4 month wait. Guitar plays and sounds great and build and finish is excellent. Right up there with my Suhr Modern. My only qualm is the maple top is not as glorious looking as some I've seen and not as nice as the Suhr.
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    FM3 Firmware Version 4.00 beta 5

    Ok thanks. I did a system reset as suggested for this beta that might of screwed something up. But I just scanned through the FM3 setup options and didn't see anything obvious I should change? I've changed nothing on my audio interface, but will double check.
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