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    I went to change one of my blocks from my library in a preset and noticed that it is now a DWG. file? So I right click on block. and went to property's to change type of file, but I cannot find the typical SYX File. Where do I find or what app am I looking for syx. Thx.. Tony
  2. ATR1

    Billy Duffy

    These may point you in the right direction if you have not seen these yet.. Copy and paste in browser. Here is a link to his pedal board. https://www.rig-talk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=119085' Link to him discussing his tone...
  3. ATR1

    FX8 - Is it able to switch between two amps?

    Go to your fx8 edit click on config tab then relay1 or 2. You can assign which amp by scenes. Scene 1 can be clean, Scene 2 can be crunch, etc. Go to foot switch tab and assign to any switch on the unit. assign a relay on one of the switchs on the unit like you would for any effect. Just use...
  4. ATR1

    Falling in love with Looper block!

    I like this is there a video to setup looper somewhere?
  5. ATR1

    Bug? Footswitch stopped working

    Hello my #4 switch stopped working on unit FX8. Switches great from FX8-Edit. Nothing on unit. Did you have to send in to replace switch?
  6. ATR1

    FX8 V5.04 Released

    No disrespect to all it is what it and I appreciate the FX8 and knowing this before purchases 2-3yrs ago. The FX8 was not something FAS wanted to put out. I think the drum was beaten just loud enough to have them make an effects system for us real amp lovers. With that in mind be happy with...
  7. ATR1

    Oh...Rock Star

    When I 1st saw this I thought for sure Zak did over dubs with guitar. Come to find out I guess he did not. Did not know about this band before movie. One of my favs.movie.
  8. ATR1

    Mesa Mark IV channel switching

    No problem. Best tronics made one for my MARK V. 2 jacks on one end and a single other.
  9. ATR1

    Mesa Mark IV channel switching

    That was not said in any manner other than knowledge. Can't be sensitive in these environments.;)
  10. ATR1

    Fuck you Gibson

  11. ATR1

    Mesa Mark IV channel switching

    Use the search bar upper right and you will find all your answers to this.
  12. ATR1

    Rotary sound is weak

    Block are basically the same. Again they are Brilliant over there..
  13. ATR1


    This looks like easy fix? Maybe just not possible?
  14. ATR1

    Wish 2-PITCH BLOCKS/1 Preset

    Is this not possible through a firmware update?:veryconfused: I will stop asking if that is the case. Thx. FAS
  15. ATR1

    Rotary sound is weak

    Post in AX FXII Discussion. They are brilliant over there.:)
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