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  • Hahaha, crazy i was trying to pimp out my page and your message popped up... cool man. I got the preset at my site. not home right now otherwise i'd just send it to you if you want to check it out. it sounds waaaaayyyyy better with my ownhammer i.r cabinets
    Hehehe... excuse the playin'.... I should of learned the dang song!!! :)
    Hey nevermind, I just put it in my thread. All's good :)
    Hey man. I know you like Acacia Strain. If it's cool with you I can throw my sample on your thread. I don't wanna start another METAL thread here. Just made it tonite after practice, but did it on my buds PC and he doesnt have a axe fx and we dont know where to find the damn preset syx file. I'll get it tomorrow when i get home! HERES THE SAMPLE, my axe fx is all right side D'oh hahahaha.
    Hey dude, saw you are near chicago? what band you play in? were out in the burbs!
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