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Recent content by Assumer

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    Coming Soon

    This is just what I have been waiting for. Love my amp but also love the fractal effects.
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    Is Fractal Audio Closed?

    Hey Thanks, I received an e-mail this morning. I figured it was a glitch.
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    Is Fractal Audio Closed?

    I replied to an e-mail they sent me before I sent my unit in for service.
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    Is Fractal Audio Closed?

    I did e-mail them three times at 9:00a.m to check on the status of a repair and so far no response.
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    This guy needs an Axe-FX!

    Oh my.
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    Is Fractal Audio Closed?

    I have e-mailed them several times about a repair status with no reply. Are they closed? Just checking.
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    Your top 5 tweak tips to get that killer sound out of the Axe Fx 2

    I typically let someone else play through my AXFX to get a better sound.
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    Voodoo Lab - Ground Control Pro

    That looks nice. Thanks for the link
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    are there more Axe II>FRFR players or Axe II>poweramp>cab players?

    I want to try FRFR just to use the speaker cabs in the AXE.
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    Spent the day at Matrix Amps!

    Matrix soon. Unfortunate I am broke at the moment.
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    I was scared of v9 and v10 ....

    Love the latest version. Good stuff.
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    Best FW10.6 Clean Amps

    Love the shiva clean
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    What will be Fractal's next product?

    Never seen Cliff before. I always assumed he would have a really really big forehead to accommodate his brain.
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    what's your favorite hard rock dirty / rhythm tones?

    Aerosmith eat the rich. What killer tone. Both bass and guitar.
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