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Recent content by Anthony76

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    Living on one preset - is it wrong?

    I have my main live kitchen sink type preset with 8 scenes, that does all my gigs. I play around with others for fun and I use way more when recording, ie. whatever amp works for the track.
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    How to change rosewood LP to sound like a maple strat\tele?

    You cant make a LP a Strat and vice versa.
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    Art SLA-2 cable questions

    I would go xlr in then you have to use the binding posts as outs, as that is your only output option.
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    No Consensus on Poweramp/Cab Impedance mismatch

    The only issue in your particular scenario is less output on 16ohm side.
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    Popping over spdif

    Make sure both units are set to 48Khz sample rate. Set the iD22 to external clock and select spdif as the source, also make sure the axefx is set to output spdif. If clocked correctly the status light should be green? I think on the iD22. No guarantees though when using an unknown box converting...
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    Need help choosing the best interface!

    Budget? Workflow? Native or dsp? Apogee, Avid, Prism, Metric Halo, Slate VRS8 Antelope, UA Apollo, focusrite Rednet,Rme, presonus Quantum. Invest in external mic pres, or buy a converter with pres that can link multiple units, or extendable via Adat and use something like Audient asp880...
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    D'Addario Backline Backpack

    I was meaning how do the two compare as utility backpacks, not specifically for fc12
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    Need help choosing the best interface!

    Best is a relative term.
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    D'Addario Backline Backpack

    Has anyone compared the Daddario to the mono?
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    Red Sound Elis8 FRFR Review and MF 10 Comparision

    Mine arrived a few days ago and have been unboxed awaiting my tender caress hahaha Will give them a run and compare to my Friedman ASC10's tomorrow hopefully.
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    Red Sound Elis8 FRFR Review and MF 10 Comparision

    My bundle has and is sitting in Singapore for the past 3 days, on their way to Australia. TNT still says delivery by 6pm Friday hahaha I find that difficult to believe. Oh well, they will get here when the do, and not a minute sooner, as my partner says.
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    Austin Buddy / York Audio Collaboration?

    I thought about this a little more, we can do that now by buying the York Audio and Austin Buddy then there is all of both, presets and IR's. Plus I couldnt see Austin Buddy doing presets that dont mainly utilise the stock IR's, which are great as well. Just some thoughts.
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    Ideas for first DAW?

    Put all the names up on a board, stand back 3 Metres or so, close eyes, throw a dart. Whichever name the dart goes through use that, the key is, whichever one it is, learn it really well and you’ll be fine.
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