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Recent content by ang

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    FS Ibanez RGIR28FE 8 string iron label (Vancouver, Canada)

    Ibanez 8 string Iron Label in perfect working condition. Asking for $700 canadian OBO, local pickup only no shipping, no trades. Has the typical tiny scratch marks you only see when you hold it up against the light, shown in picture. There are no dents or other marks. Frets are polished and...
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    FS Atomic CLR mark 1 wedge (local pickup, vancouver canada)

    as far i as i know the neos are lighter (15 lbs i think?). everything else is the same
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    Looking for local repair for Ibanez M80M, Surrey BC, Canada

    actually someone also recommended him. i already contacted him and i will goto his shop once my schedule frees up. someone also mentioned Pacific wood lab near downtown vancouver, any feedback about them?
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    Looking for local repair for Ibanez M80M, Surrey BC, Canada

    Just got an ibanez m80m used and noticed the rear anchor is starting to come out the wood. looking for someone in the area that can fix this and perhaps mod it so it doesn't happen again in the future cause i guess its a common issue with these bridges.
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    Steel wool alteratives

    im gonna tape up the wood for fret polishing with the steel wool. im just trying to get ideas for the fretboard gunk cleanup. i think cliff mentioned he uses scotch pads. the tooth brush idea sounds good. thanks guys
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    Steel wool alteratives

    i've used steel wool 0000 to clean that dirt buildup of my fret board and it does the job but it does leave very tiny marks on the wood. is there something that will work as efficient but without scuffing up the wood? what i usually do it go up and down the fret board with the steel wool to...
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    axe edit not converting to ultra res (axefx2)

    Using Axe FX 2 and latest Axe Edit for it. Is there a way to import raw wav ultra-res IR's using Axe Edit's cab manage without converting it into a syx file with cab lab?
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    FS Atomic CLR mark 1 wedge (local pickup, vancouver canada)

    Atomic CLR wedge Mark 1 non neo version Perfect working condition with 1 minor gash on the back. Never gigged, home use only $800 canadian OBO. Local pickup only, no shipping.
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    Need a price check for CLR

    i should mention this is gonna be a local pickup only. just to make it easier please provide USD for your recommended prices, then ill just convert it to canadian for my listing. @lqdsnddist wow i was expecting higher. there isn't a single clr listing in my local area, reverb.com as well, so...
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    Need a price check for CLR

    thinking of selling an atomic clr wedge first edition (non neo) and just need some help with the pricing since it's discontinued. its in excellent condition, never been gigged, home use only, and has 1 minor scuff along the edge shown in pic. thank you for your help
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    Is there a Cab-Lab plugin version 3.4?

    went to re download my cablab bundle with both stand alone and plugin version. the stand alone is 3.4.2 but the plugin version is still 3.3.2. is there no 3.4.2 for the plugin version of cab lab?
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    Bug? Problem Ares 1.03

    confirmed! first i loaded my 5150 preset and it was fine. i copied your presence settings and set mine to zero. saved it, rebooted, and the chirping sound came on after the reboot. changed preset to the next one, sound gone, go back to 5150 preset, sound still gone. saved it again with the...
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    EDIT: nevermind
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