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Recent content by AndyTNBD

  1. AndyTNBD

    high end crackle- ice pick frequencies

    Every scene has a pre volume and a post volume.
  2. AndyTNBD

    Wish Improvements to 'scenes mode' for live use

    It would be super awesome if we had the option to turn on 'scenes display' so that when you're in scenes mode, the display flips over to display the scenes - this should be something very obvious so that in the heat of the moment you can see whether you're in scenes or manual mode. The LED on...
  3. AndyTNBD

    What is your favorite delay model?

    The Mind Guy has just jumped screaming to the top of my favourites list. I love it!
  4. AndyTNBD

    Reamping via SPDIF is my new favourite hobby

    Hey Rick, sorry for the delayed response. Yes I have separate patches for initial tracking and reamping. The initial tracking patches are generally just a nice enough tone for monitoring, plus the dry through. The reamping patches can be fairly complex, or rather my usage of them can be. For...
  5. AndyTNBD

    Reamping via SPDIF is my new favourite hobby

    Nah I've got dedicated presets for the reamping stage. All I do is switch the input 1 source from the front to SPDIF, and select the relevant preset. Been processing some synths and drums recently too.
  6. AndyTNBD

    Reamping via SPDIF is my new favourite hobby

    Yeah basically I have a patch, and one path goes straight through to the output, and the output path is hard-panned left. Meaning SPDIF Left is my 'dry thru' ... and my process path is hard panned in the other direction, meaning SPDIF Right is my processed. I record both in Reaper and I can...
  7. AndyTNBD

    Reamping via SPDIF is my new favourite hobby

    Fantastic. It's quick, great signal to noise ratio, no additional AD/DA stages, and allows me to play with settings on the fly whilst I record my tones. Did some reamping today and had a whale of a time! And the Memory Man model in the delay is my new favourite delay on the planet! Fantastic...
  8. AndyTNBD

    What guitar amplification would you use live? (Metal music)

    Honestly? I'd use an amp and a 4x12 - probably a 5153 50watt head. No PA. Small stage. Small crowd in a small room. Nothing beats an old school rock/metal band properly blowing the fuck out of the place with traditional gear, in my opinion! Most of our gigs are those kind of places!
  9. AndyTNBD

    Axe FX keeps screwing with my DAW!

    That's not really how it works mate. It sounds like the DAW is polling the ASIO client, looking for additional devices. CoreAudio does a similar thing. When the Axe turns on it looks for a clock source, and depending on your settings uses its internal clock or external clock; I clock mine...
  10. AndyTNBD

    Announcing FAS-FX REVERB!

    Congrats Fractal team!
  11. AndyTNBD

    Question for Fractal about plugins

    Putting it into perspective - component level modeled synthesisers have been very common in VST-land for years now. Look at plugins such as Diva by uhe or even our (FXpansion's) DCAM Synth Squad and Strobe 2. A VST version of the Axe modelling is definitely possible. And looking at the general...
  12. AndyTNBD

    What amps have pleasantly surprised you and what amps have been a let down?

    For me the Diezel models are a bit of a mixed bag. I have a real D-Moll here, and the Axe models don't really touch it. I've always put it down to the fact that mine is a D-Moll and the ones in the Axe are Herberts and VH4's. I *really* love the 5153 blue and red channels, and the Friedman HBE...
  13. AndyTNBD

    Carbon copy delay emulation, how do i make repeats degrade?

    Do any of the delays offer a bitcrusher in the feedback path? That'd get you there quite easily. Not at my Axe to check right now.
  14. AndyTNBD

    Drum machine for odd time signature stuff

    *shucks* I didn't program it, but I designed it. :cool:
  15. AndyTNBD

    Drum machine for odd time signature stuff

    They can be used with BFD3, provided you use the correct key map layout within BFD3. I use EZD2 and BFD3 together quite a bit, grabbing beats from EZD2 and dragging them to the timeline, and then directing the midi at BFD3.
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