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  • If I may ask... How do you have your RAC12, MFC and Axe plumbed cable-wise? And what cables do you use for the RAC 12? I'm having trouble finding some that fit my rack bag.
    Hi John, I have the MFC connected via FAS link, I have a short midi cable connected from the RAC12 to the midi in of the AXE....for Power I use a USB charger for the RAC12. No other cables needed.
    Hello there andy! I was just scrolling through here looking for answers to an axe fx problem and noticed you had experienced the same. So i thought i would just message you directly and see what your thoughts are on random preset switching when changing presets.
    Let me know if have time to talk and brainstorm a bit.
    Hi Patrick
    This is still happening, seems to be when I am quite actively using the up/down on the MFC... so most of the time it jumps patches when I'm practicing, though it has happened on a live show a few times also? not often but enough to stop me changing patches on a live gig.
    Hi Andy - Are you connected to MIDI? I've been having a similar problem for years but it's during live shows where my MIDI change randomly goes to some high-number patch instead of where it's supposed to. Was curious if you found the issue.

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