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androtaz's latest activity

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    androtaz replied to the thread Divided by Blues.
    Great work man, never herd such a good cover of One foot in the Grave.
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    androtaz reacted to guitonit's post in the thread Divided by Blues with Like Like.
    Surprised (and happy) to see this thread resurrected! Here is an updated patch with the lead sound on Scene 3 for you guys. Firmware...
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    androtaz replied to the thread Rumblin' Train.
    My fav. in the Badlands catalog. Great great playing man, very well done. Btw which Anderson pickups are those? And which amp did you...
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    androtaz reacted to bstaley's post in the thread Rumblin' Train with Like Like.
    A little tribute to one of my favorite guitarists, Mr. Jake E Lee. It's not all note for note, but I was having fun with it, and the...
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