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Recent content by AndrewKirkland

  1. AndrewKirkland

    Spacey Cleans/ Progressive OD's

    Sounds awesome, would you share some of your clean patches/just describe the structure of the past chest?
  2. AndrewKirkland

    "Upgrade" from AX8 to Axe-Fx II mkII

    Running two amp blocks and cab yields very tasty tones. I think this will be a pro for you once the door is open.
  3. AndrewKirkland

    MIDI pedal?

    If you care about having no latency/delay when using the looper you absolutely need the MC6
  4. AndrewKirkland

    MIDI pedal?

    The Morningstar MC6 is fantastic.
  5. AndrewKirkland

    Change Algo and keep settings

    Yeah alot of it is the old school converters/analog section that gives a cool tone. The lexicon concert wave algorithm is kick ass. I permanently have an h3000 sitting on my rack case above my axe FX. I have used so many different racks in the axe FX and only one did not sound good. H3000...
  6. AndrewKirkland

    Change Algo and keep settings

    Hook up a real 80 or 70 in the loop and switch the FX loop on and deactive the reverb block at the same time. My 70 sounds great in the FX loop.
  7. AndrewKirkland

    Axe-Fx 2 vs Helix LT (Dilemma Over)

    I should add I have heard people make decent recordings and sounds with the helix, however for me the feel and sound I get with the Fractal is night and day . I personally can't dial in good sounds with the helix or enjoy the feel of using it
  8. AndrewKirkland

    Axe-Fx 2 vs Helix LT (Dilemma Over)

    I agree I tried native and helix stomp and they were both unimpressive, not enough programmability. Very artificial sounding to my ears. Fractal is 10/10 for me while the helix stuff is like 5-7 at the very best. Didn't try any aftermarket IRs but honestly not sure it would bring it to an 8.
  9. AndrewKirkland

    Axe-Fx II XL+ Noise Problems

    Also worth noting that the THD is usually higher out of headphone outputs in most devices, never measured or looked at the fractal specs for THD on the phones or regular outs but I would guess with 1khz sine wave it could get as low as .002% on the main outs. I have an AP at work and can see the...
  10. AndrewKirkland

    Axe-Fx II XL+ Noise Problems

    Hayden, I would suggest asking whoever looked at if they checked the THD% on all the outputs and whether it is in spec. (And tested with hot and weaker signal) AudioPrecision makes fantastic test equipment that really will settle any doubt of noise coming from the unit. If the THD% was in spec...
  11. AndrewKirkland

    How are some of you recording direct from Axe-Fx II XL into an interface?

    I use a metric halo uln2 with Aes out. It is an excellent sound to use Aes or spdif.
  12. AndrewKirkland

    Vintage tele preset on Axe-Change

    I'd check it out, can you post a link to it?
  13. AndrewKirkland

    RIP XL+...?

    Maybe the h3000 from eventide. That had a great run.
  14. AndrewKirkland

    RIP XL+...?

    If it is not used outside (left overnight outside in a cold environment, and then heats up when used after being cold) the unit will sweat inside and corrosion can eventually occur on the circuit board if this happens many times. Also dusting the unit out with compressed air or a specialized...
  15. AndrewKirkland

    Looper with no MFC

    Get the Morningstar midi pedal. There is a looper specific cc command that sends the data faster so there is no lag between pressing the button and the axe.looper recording. I had lag/latency with the record command when using a regular cc message or using my external 1/2 switch to control the...
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