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Recent content by alphahot1

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    AX8's in Mike Portnoy's The Shattered Fortress Band..

    Eric Gilette uses it, btw great band, I watched them live here in Italy, as well as Neil Morse band, same guitarist. Last time I checked he used Friedman V2 model.
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    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    How do you use scene 1-4?
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    Best setup ever! AX8 + SD powerstage + Matrix cab

    solo starts around 2:10, you should get a grasp about the tone, consider that I didn't had a chance to hear it in front of the stage and that is recorded with a phone. it's just a bassguy + fet boost and a OH 4x12 marshall cab. I tried to tune it at moderated volume at home :D
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    Best setup ever! AX8 + SD powerstage + Matrix cab

    Saturday night I've had a gig and this was my setup. Let me say I've had the best tone ever and it was so convenient!! The FOH always had the same signal and I could tune my stage volume on the fly without affecting it! Then the Matrix (guitar) cab it's just few kg to carry, it was a dream and...
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    Show Us Your AX8 Rig! (post your pics)

    Just patched it, it's fresh ;D
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    Looper Control Trick

    yes but, if you autoplay you need to press play button twice to stop. that's why I didn't buy any external switch
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    AX8 for acoustic guitar AND vocals, possible?

    Ok but, on the 8 you can run just 1 reverb and 1 comp...
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    Bug? AX8 FW10 Hang when USB unplugged

    same here ver. 10.01
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    Wish Undo for AX8-Edit?

    +11111 I just had to redo a preset lol
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    AX8 Scribble Strips

    Is there anything like this available at this time?
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    AX8 Acoustic Looping Tutorial

    I love the reverse thing, never thought to use it like so!
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    Reality check tonight

    I'm still not sure about what setup do you have but in my experience, unless everyone is using IEM (or at least monitoring), the best combo is solid state amp + guitar cab. Anything else is less than ideal. Maybe you can get passable results if you were the only guitar in the band, but it's...
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    Guitar sound doesn't cut through with band

    If you are running a solid state power amp into a guitar cab you need to disable cab modeling. If it's a full range cab I second this:
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    Sold my Axe III .... bought an AX8

    I also COULD be happier because I just sold my II, like instantly :D but the guy who was selling the AX8 to me disappeared so at the moment I have nothing :tearsofjoy:
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    Sold my Axe III .... bought an AX8

    Far from it, I don't know nothing aboutn the internals but I guess it's a real time OS, more similar to that of industrial machines than to a computer. The revolution of windows like OS came just from the ability to run on different hardware (at the expense of performance), but when real...
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