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Recent content by Algone

  1. Algone

    Dj0nting with the new Blackglass 7k :)

    Thanks for your answer ;)
  2. Algone

    Dj0nting with the new Blackglass 7k :)

    Very good tone, what's the IR for the guitar?
  3. Algone

    New M28 Album. FAS Modern II madness. Modern Metal.

    I like the style and the tone, good job.
  4. Algone

    Fas Modern II / Tight Metal

    Very good, tone and track, good job.
  5. Algone

    New full band prog-rock mix with Q8.02 and the OH Recto PP

    Amazing, i realy like what you do, congratulation. Is an album coming?
  6. Algone

    cab pack 13 with fas modern. feel the bite!

    I think it's very good, tone and track :)
  7. Algone

    Just another GGD2 and groovy metal!

    It's always with lot of pleasure that i listen your samples, and this is monstruous, good job ;)
  8. Algone

    another groove from me (with engl amps)

    Old FW and modern tone :D Very good ;)
  9. Algone


    Yes! very good, song and tone :)
  10. Algone

    Friedman HBE V1, in one of the heaviest tracks I mixed

    Wohaow! very massive, very good. Thank you for sharing ;)
  11. Algone

    Fender Vintage Combo Synth Ambient Metal test. Yeeeah, you heard it right...

    Really cool!!! very different from usual but very sympatic, good track man ;)
  12. Algone

    Q6.01 Fas Modern II Riff

    Very good!
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