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Recent content by aleclee

  1. aleclee

    What will you do when no more firmware updates?

    Cliff, you're absolutely right that I can't say whether you saw the firmware image size trending towards a value that the Mk 1 units could not support. My unintended insult was a result of 7+ years of observing your attention to detail in all matters. If the lack of conditional logic was an...
  2. aleclee

    What will you do when no more firmware updates?

    If I wanted an XL, I would've gotten an XL. That said, I'm still kinda put off by the "no upgrades" thing given that support for backwards compatibility is said to be the driver for the decision. It seems rather unlike Cliff to paint himself into a corner, increasing the FW image size to the...
  3. aleclee

    What case/gig bag do you use and why?

    Isn't that a bit like saying "[it's good to have a plan for what you're doing to do tomorrow] until one day the world ends"? It's a bit moot at that point but we're not at that point. Further, it's kind of unlikely that you're going to show up at the jetway and the airline will have suddenly...
  4. aleclee

    What case/gig bag do you use and why?

    If you plan ahead, you can almost always get your guitar in the overhead (with an appropriately sized gig bag). When I travel, I either take my MONO Vertigo or (more often) my now-discontinued Incase bag. For my upcoming trip to SoCal, I'll be taking the OEM bag that came with my Strandberg...
  5. aleclee

    Used Axe FX prices rant

    You must be imagining things. Everyone knows that digital devices have no resale value. ;)
  6. aleclee


    Man, it's probably been 15 years or more since I actually put batteries in a stomp box. After you're using 2-3 pedals, it gets tedious (and expensive) to deal with batteries.
  7. aleclee

    AxeFx -> AudioInterface -> MacBook Pro -> Bluetooth headphones

    You can have separate devices for input & output without aggregating. Just select the device in Logic audio prefs. I often use my AxeFx USB as input and my interface for output.
  8. aleclee

    Switching between guitars w/ different output - How do you do it??

    If you're trying to get a Strat to sound more like a LP, why? I might be talking crazy but how about using the guitar that best delivers the timbre you want? Dial in the preset for the "right" guitar for a given song and call it a day.
  9. aleclee

    Don't Want To Buy What I Already Have...

    You might give Tonic's IRs a shot before buying anything: http://tonicstud.blogspot.com/2013/09/axe-fx-2-irs-and-presets-tonic.html
  10. aleclee

    Power Conditioners: Snake oil?

    In my portable rack, I just use a Carvin AC120. It's my favorite device of its sort because of the sequenced switching. In my studio rack, I also have a Furman AR1215 to keep my voltages stable. I leave it out of the mobile setup because of size & weight.
  11. aleclee

    Anyone using digital room correction with their studio-setting Axe Fx?

    I use the built-in correction on my Equator Q8s
  12. aleclee

    Pro Tools 10 vs. Logic Pro X

    When I was looking to get into a DAW, the content (loops, samples, plugins) made it a relative no-brainer. For a home recordist / songwriter, the Drummer feature is gold.
  13. aleclee

    Metallica Amp

  14. aleclee

    Mobile Rack ideas?

    I put the "mobile" stuff in a separate rack bag and put it on top of my floor rack.
  15. aleclee

    Ear Protection thoughts:

    Hard to believe that that brochure has been around for two years (2014 copyright date) with a glaring misspelling at the top of the first page.
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