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Recent content by Alarto

  1. Alarto

    MFC-101 Mark I / RJ45 ==> EtherCON Connector

    Is this the perfect replace? Neutrik NE8 FAH https://www.thomann.de/fi/neutrik_ne8_fah.htm#
  2. Alarto

    A singer you would like to rock...

    Ok, really? Bad English or what? I just love this kind of voice & singing
  3. Alarto

    A singer you would like to rock...

  4. Alarto

    Finnish Christmas... Sylvian joululaulu- watch till the end...

  5. Alarto

    About Speaker LF Resonance

    Try this! Add a Synth block, settings: Type = Sine, Track = Off. Now sift the Frequency between 70 - 100 Hz and really FEEL the resonance with your palm/hardel on the cabinet's front panel (wood) ... You have to set the volume quite loud but you can do this even at home.
  6. Alarto

    Tips for Mesa Bookie IV Clean & Cab

    Hi, my guitar wizard friend challenged me for good. He asked me to bring my AXE rig to his studio next week. His favourite rig is simple: Mesa IV combo / clean channel & some clean booster & some nice delay. Hard to admit but I have never played Mesa IV, so I don't know anything about it. I...
  7. Alarto

    G66 appreciation

    I lost one of the ABCD knobs. Wrote an email to Sussi, and will get it free of charge as well as two t-shirts :) G66 and FAS are simply the best!
  8. Alarto

    Celestion Cream Alnico, experience or IRs anyone?

    Thanks Sam, more fuel to my GAS :) While it's nice to try out many IRs, I've never been 100 % satisfied and confident playing gigs with my pair of QCS K12s. They do their job as monitors but still missing that "real" backline sound. After listening hundreds of sound clips of different speakers...
  9. Alarto

    Celestion Cream Alnico, experience or IRs anyone?

    Aah, a short explanation required... Bare Knuckle Crawler neck pup does the trick when coil split vs. normal HB mode. I just can't explain why... nothing anything experienced guitarist would think ;)!!!
  10. Alarto

    Celestion Cream Alnico, experience or IRs anyone?

    Thanks Sam! "...but it doesn't have a fast or percussive attack". I know what you mean and agree with it 100 %. However, that's something I get from my pickups if wanted. My basic amp clean/crunch is also a low gain with a little bit of breakup (Fender type etc.) and make sure it cleans nicely...
  11. Alarto

    Celestion Cream Alnico, experience or IRs anyone?

    And even WGS of course :)
  12. Alarto

    Celestion Cream Alnico, experience or IRs anyone?

    Hi, this speaker sounds fantastic in Paul's many comparisons to other Celestions. Anyone tried it with a real cabinet and willing to share your thoughts? Would definitely like to try it as an IR! Haven't found one... It's said about alnico that it has a smooth compression when driven loud...
  13. Alarto

    Save tempo in scenes

    + 1 just thinking delays in I Want It All by Queen...
  14. Alarto

    Formant Filter Frustration

    How about adding a microphone i.e. your voice as a second input / modifier for "a new talk box block"? I think it might result to a more authentic sound but usability is another thing...
  15. Alarto

    Drive Block

    Ok, thank you all for your replies! I think it's only the man himself who can answer to the pushing the amp "issue". I might be totally wrong and most likely am but... IMHO, higher Drive Block Level values leads to too much saturation and to fuzzy sound with my loving TS 808. I have usually...
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