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    Headphones&EQ recommendations

    Looks like the OP has found his solution and he did it the right way. To all of the replies telling him to buy other headphones his issue was the difference in tone compared to his guitar amp or FRFR speaker. The OP did the correct thing which was split his signals to different outs and eq...
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    Comb filter effect

    Hifi sound doesn't "fool" you. You problem is incorrect setup in a couple ways. As others have said the BETA58 is a super cardioid mic. You monitors should be at a 45 degree and on either side pointing towards the back of the mic (or your face). This will help reduce bleed as much as possible...
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    Does this apply to MI retail stores? I don't feel the need to disclose that and may just leave the forum. No disrespect to Cliff and I understand the need to do so. I am ok with being a lurker as I usually am. Thanks!
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    So I quickly tried a Helix today...

    Wasn't talking about you Digital Igloo. You were not rude. No drama wanted here.
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    So I quickly tried a Helix today...

    *deleted* due to apology. Accepted.
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    So I quickly tried a Helix today...

    Believe it or not but they want to sell these in more countries than just the USA. I work in a music store. Line 6 or a rep for them came in to show us and let us play it.It was so I could sell it to customers effectively. Wild.
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    So I quickly tried a Helix today...

    No idea about which firmware. Not in USA. As I stated in my original post it was unofficial firmware.
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    So I quickly tried a Helix today...

    Hello all, As I stated in the title I got to QUICKLY try a Line6 Helix today on unofficial firmware. The feature set is cool. Some really nice routing and pedal set-up. The effects were quite good sounding. The modelling was underwhelming. An upgrade from the HD500? Yes. Leap into the pro...
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    Which guitar wireless unit to get

    IF you are using differnet guitars at the same time keep in mind both units would require you to buy whole systems for each guitar...you can't just add another guitar to either unit (nor would you want to)...thought I'd make sure that is known.
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    Cab in an anechoic chamber

    But will it feel like a cab in an anechoic chamber?
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    Disappointed in the user interface

    This thread...wow. Both sides are defensive and both sides are giving a little jab into each other. Think about when Cliff reads the OP...he might take it into consideration. Now if he reads 800 pages of back and forth and childishness from both sides I bet he stops caring and we all lose out on...
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    why am I so quiet?

    tried changing cables?
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    A few Fractal SWEATSHIRTS available

    guessing the description was not changed from the shirt listing...so its grey and not black right?
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    Update on new firmware?

    How am I supposed to get the Ol' Skool SOund of Swedish Death Metal without the Magnum model? Get it together Cliff!
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    Concerns about LCD Display

    did you open up the unit and check that all of the ribbon connectors are seated properly? Seems to be the first thing to check when you have random issues in the AF2.
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