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Recent content by Afex121

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    Fixed Unable to recall saved blocks

    I noticed the same thing too on ver. 2.00. Haven't had time to load the new FW and Axe edit so I don't know if they've fixed it or not. Could someone check?
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    Redwirez is dead?

    I think they stuff is still top notch if you know what you want and how it relates to real world mic placements. To all those who complain about the large amount of IRs, there is a guide still available on their website about where to start so you don't have to go through everything. That...
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    Yeah that's really close. The main difference is exactly the same difference I was talking about in regards to my JP-2C vs Axe IIC. It's the ever so slightly softer, kinda spongier attack/high end transients on the amp. I'm sure many wouldn't even hear it, I'm pretty sure I myself wouldn't hear...
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    Yeah I totally agree. Having the real amp at your disposal is necessary if you want a particular amp's tone. I used to have a Mark IVa shorthead and a Roadster before getting my first Axe II and what sold me on the Axe II in the first place, 6 years ago was how it felt when I set the MkIV model...
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    Hi Amin jan khoobi dadash? :) I actually own the real thing, a real JP-2C. I have done several tonematches that I can share if you want, both on my AXE FX II XL+ and recently on Axe III. I haven't been able to do a proper one using a Mic+DI to get it as accurate as possible because I have 2...
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    My dreamy moments with FW18b7

    Damet garm Amin jan, sounds really nice!
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