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Recent content by adew

  1. adew

    MUSE FULL DISCOGRAPHY ON GUITAR [Quantum 2.01][Andre Antunes]

    Wonderful stuff, Andre. Loved it! Now, about those presets... :)
  2. adew

    invite to buy fx8

    Plus she mentioned that a larger batch is due "very soon", and that they expect that it will take a few weeks to clear the wait list. Seems like rather good news.
  3. adew

    I have a bizarre urge...

    Update: I'm now a proud owner of a Roland V-Drum kit! Took a couple of hours to set it all up, not because it's particularly difficult but, not being a drummer, I didn't really know the optimum positioning for the pads, bass drum and hi-hat. I also didn't know anything about setting the bass...
  4. adew

    My gain staging was totally messed up tonight - CLR wedge

    Unless I've misunderstood your post, I think you're mixing up two things: gain-staging of the CLRs, and levelling of presets. The former you should only need to do one time, once you've got your presets levelled, not on a preset by preset basis (we're talking about a band situation, yes?) I do...
  5. adew

    Perhaps AxeFx meaning of "preset" could be defined better?

    I have some sympathy with the OP's point. Interesting to note that the vast majority of people responding in this thread have high post counts, therefore are well versed in the terminolgy used and hardly likely to respond positively to the OP. Personally, I find "preset" infers something that...
  6. adew

    Active or passive FRFR speaker/s?

    I have two active CLR wedges. With hindsight, I wish I had bought passive wedges and a Matrix amp for more flexibilty. YMMV
  7. adew

    How many presets do you use?

    This is what I wrote in a recent, similar thread: Just to add: - Effectively, the main reason for one preset = one song is to have the tempo programmed at preset level, and no two songs have exactly the same tempo. - Balancing levels is very simple for me as I only use one amp and it's a...
  8. adew

    40 Synth presets available to download!

    Amazing stuff, Simeon. Thanks! Donation sent!
  9. adew

    POLL: How do you use your Axe-FX live?

    Poll choices are a little confusing - are we talking about FOH only or FOH+monitoring? If the latter, the choices are a little limited (as evidenced by several previous replies). It's a fun poll, but I'm not sure I would rely on its results, OP, to help you decide what will work best for you...
  10. adew

    I have a bizarre urge...

    That's an interesting perspective, which I hadn't thought about. Cool! Absolutely agree. Although I didn't really enjoy being "forced" to learn piano as a kid, I have been eternally grateful for that ever since I started to take guitar and music seriously in my twenties. Yes! :lol
  11. adew

    I have a bizarre urge...

    That's great info, Strumzilla. Thanks! :encouragement:
  12. adew

    I have a bizarre urge...

    I was waiting for that. :lol
  13. adew

    I have a bizarre urge...

    Haha! :) You're right - showing him would be much better, lol. I think anything that stretches the depth of one's musical experience is a good thing. :encouragement:
  14. adew

    CLR active wedge - too bassy?

    Finally got some quality time with my CLRs at band volume this evening, and spent a couple of hours listening to pre-recorded stuff and my presets. Yes, I think there is some room effect going on, as mounting them on stands and flicking the eq switch to FF vastly reduced the boominess I was...
  15. adew

    CLR Active Cab noise: Is it normal?

    Spent the evening playing through my CLRs at volume - yes, there's hiss with the settings I mentioned in my earlier post in this thread (CLR master at noon, input at 2 o'clock, Axe output around 11 o'clock). Not excessive by any means and really only noticeable within a couple of feet of the...
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