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Recent content by 6stringscott

  1. 6stringscott

    My tone is too perfect?

    Maybe another way to articulate what he was getting at is "too processed/studio" instead of "raw"? After having output compression, a tinge of chorus to "sweeten things up", maybe mucking with that +9/-9 detune thing, a few quarter note echoes from delay, noise gate tuned on input, reverb, and...
  2. 6stringscott

    Advanced parameters for the incorrigible tweaker

    I tend to like the sound of increased negative feedback too- turning that up cleans up the sound a bit and improves cut in a band mix, and somehow creates more space to turn up gain a little (for low gain classic rock stuff) without it getting too fuzzy/mushy lost in the mix. Similar thing with...
  3. 6stringscott

    Thank you to Atomic Amps (for above and beyond support)

    I was a bone-head twice and Atomic Amps still came through for me... I've had a pair of Atomic CLR powered Neo wedges for a few years. They're awesome... but at some point early on one of them started having the high frequency part that would not work when I first turned it on, but after 20...
  4. 6stringscott

    Who lifts weights here?

    Dexterity and strength are not mutually exclusive. Just make sure to keep up flexibility and playing guitar while you build a grip of steel! I’m not a weight lifter, but I’ve done a lot of rock climbing and I never found hand or finger strength to inhibit my playing. That said, I’ve never been...
  5. 6stringscott

    Double Amp setup - please advice

    you can smoothly morph between two amps using a mixer block controlled by an expression pedal. This doesn't solve the gap problem if you still also need two tones out of each amp, but it's nice if you have dirty on one and clean on the other. You can also tweak the controller curves so you get...
  6. 6stringscott

    Increasing Input Drive w. Pedal, but limiting volume increase

    If you like the tonal effect of a drive pedal, then that gets messed up slightly (or a lot) when you reduce the level in the drive block because it is a less hot signal going into the amp and has less excitation of the amp’s distortion characteristics. That output level is how you control how...
  7. 6stringscott

    Fractal Audio AMP models: 5F8 Tweed (Keith Urban's '59 high power Fender Twin-Amp, 5F8)

    I hadn't read Yek's hints yet and thought the stock #20 was too dark, so I like #21 Double Verb R121 mixed with #102 4x12 Basketweave AX Mix. I'll have to go back and try just the #20 with more treble and presence.
  8. 6stringscott

    Axe-Fx II "Ares" Rev 1.02 Firmware Release

    Cliff, you da man! As everyone else said, your commitment to customers is the stuff of legends. I installed it this afternoon, made a patch with 5F8 Tweed (and a PEQ and FAS Boost in front), didn't get past that! Sounds pretty great, no tweaking of advanced parameters except Sag to get that...
  9. 6stringscott

    Who EQ's their rig for live sound?

    I use the high and low cutoffs in the cab block to handle this, but then still have effects afterward. I should explore rejiggering things so cab block is last so the filters cover the effects too. I use PEQ before amp block for tone shaping, and it also contributes to freeing up space in the...
  10. 6stringscott

    Noise Gate Threshold and Release Approaches

    Jump going to bump this and give a shout out to Zenaxe for an approach that helped me tonight. Better (more graceful/musical) than using the input noise gate and another noise gate block. I still need to go back and fine tune the control curve to get a more transparent result as the notes taper...
  11. 6stringscott

    Best DAW?

    Surprised there is only one Linux Ardour masochist speaking up... that was fun figuring out how to load real-time kernels and tweak the timers and process priorities and a bazillion other little tweaked things to stop the xruns, getting FireWire support with ffado and jackd etc. I did some...
  12. 6stringscott


    Not certain of my logic here, but... Given your observations, one possibility is you had signals too hot in some blocks and you had digital clipping within the Axe, but you actually liked the result of that clipping on your tone. If this is the case, then yes the output level knob could change...
  13. 6stringscott

    808 Clean Boost Without Mid Hump?

    Agreed... but it’s a question of gain staging for the low end. More bass before preamp or power amp and you get more loose and flubby. Dial down early in chain, and add it back later to make it tight and crisp. You can still have as much bass as you want- making it “tight” to me means reducing...
  14. 6stringscott

    808 Clean Boost Without Mid Hump?

    “Tighten the low end”... Reduce bass knob on amp, and add in post-gain bass if necessary. Colorless boost: just use a peq or filter on the input, or in the amp block use the input trim up to 2-4 or higher. No drive pedal needed for that. With PEQ up front, you can explore micro-sculpting the...
  15. 6stringscott

    seriously considering ditching FRFR speaker

    A huge thing for me was to cut down low end before gain, then add back afterward in eq if you want it more bassy. That mid and high distortion with a cleaner bottom makes it sound much tighter, and still gives out the sense of power and richness and fullness without it being muddy. You can...
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