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Recent content by 6L6C

  1. 6L6C

    Windows 11?

    That's kind of what I remember also. Oh well no Windows 11 for me right now, my main machine doesn't cut the mustard with hardware (processor and secure boot to be precise) four years old. Still a power house, so have no intentions of building a new machine just to have Windows 11. Of coarse...
  2. 6L6C

    Axe III Upgrade

    Ohh I totally agree with you. I just think people lock into the visual, much quicker. And I'm with you as far as buying a new unit, waiting for a total hardware upgrade.
  3. 6L6C

    Axe III Upgrade

    I really feel if the "Axe Fx Mark II" was instead named the "Axe Fx IV" people would not be freaking out as much. Change the location of the buttons and knobs and screen and it would be more acceptable. But because the "Mark I" & "Mark II" share the same name, and for the most part look...
  4. 6L6C


    Same here, if it happens awesome! If not that's ok too.
  5. 6L6C


    @GreatGreen Since I used the term "future proofing"(in a earlier post) I believe some of this is directed at me. (and maybe because of the way I worded my post) Only you can tell me that. I totally agree if the Mark I can be reconfigured, I think that would be awesome!! (The rest of your post...
  6. 6L6C


    Have to admit first thing that crossed my mind when diving in to this thread. "So much for future proof" (As the Axe Fx III Mark I was advertised as) But pretty sure we will get it, it was already put out there it can be done, but -----. I remember years ago The Axe Fx Mark I, did not have...
  7. 6L6C

    Axe Fx 3 Rental

    Personally : Would not do it. You got your Axe Fx for yourself, not to start a business. It might come back in the same condition and it may not. The company may pay for damages , if they occur . But you are the one who has to deal with sending it out and so on. (Your time)
  8. 6L6C

    New wiring/pickups mod for Tele

    Bough a guitar with Fender locking tuners about 5 years, and not right away, but ended up putting them on two more Fenders. They are great! IMO On my 1980 Les Paul put on a set of locking Kluson's last year, I have say like them allot! Also geared down a bit lower then what was on there. Really...
  9. 6L6C

    AX8 (Revisited)

    Still got mine !
  10. 6L6C


    Now there is a piece of, functional art.
  11. 6L6C

    NGD Imminent

    Awesome top !
  12. 6L6C

    Led Zeppelin (Jimmy Page) Riffs

    Nice Mark Great sounds, played great. You have that nice subtle vibrato going on while playing those riffs (very Page like). “Heartbreaker” & “Black dog” being the stand out’s for me in regard to the vibrato. Have seen allot of people play these riffs threw the year’s and they may play the...
  13. 6L6C

    Ever give up playing?

    There was a point in time (2003) I didn’t play for 6-9 month’s, not really sure why I fell out of it (been playing since 1977). The only thing I can attribute too. At the time I was stuck in a job, all promises were broken, and I was seeing finances very slowly being chipped away. Basically, a...
  14. 6L6C

    NGD - Fender 75th Anniversary Commemorative Telecaster

    Tele's rule! And that is gorgeous ! !
  15. 6L6C

    Guitar Stands

    I have one of these stands also. The search is over they are awesome.
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