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Recent content by 666was999

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    Can a Physical Preamp Be Modelled as a Custom Amp Block in the AXE FX III?

    Maybe you could get the needed information about the tonestack of your preamp by running several tonematches with extreme settings. That way you could see what the controls do and find a model that matches.
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    FM3 Noise Spectra Problem?

    A good tube amp with a guitar cable not plugged into the guitar should amplify any emi around, you hear monitors, motors, long wave radio signals and whatever. That's is just how tube amps are. And when a model is perfect it must do exactly the same. Now, when you don't have a tube amp to...
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    EBMM Cutlass vs PRS Fiore vs Fender Strat vs ?

    The idea of putting the middle sc and one outer sc in series is to cause a humbucker effect. And that's what it sounds like to me. With that in mind it is gets useful, it's meant for distorted sounds only. However a good humbucker is better, so...
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    Axe-Fx III Firmware Release Version 19.07

    Yeah, that sounds like Windows. You're doing something important but it always misjudges and starts some useless maintanance routines, it always chooses these moments. I got it stopped from doing so by running a satelite tv application in a window, that keeps Win10 away from starting any pause...
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    Discovery about Amp Bypass Mode

    It has always been that way and also on former generations. If they'd change it, lots of people would start to complain why the sound stops when bypassing the only amp block in their preset. No matter how they do it, they can't match everybodies needs. I guess it's best as it is.
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    Best way to use IEM with axfx3?

    I have my own little mixer for my IEM only there and get a monitor signal from the FOH console that contains all of the band but without my guitar. I add my own signal to my IEM mix, so I don't have to care how they tailor my signal to fit in the mix or to fit to the PA. It's great to beeing...
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    Weird noise is driving me crazy HELP!

    Resonance from the guitar? Strings hitting something? Foil on a PU or like that?
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    Anyone want to talk about Elon Musk trying to buy Twitter

    Share deals often go the way that the enterprise gets the depts for the purchase in their own balance. You could say they pay theirselves for getting sold. So don't worry if someone can afford the deal, the enterprise can. Because of the higher depts after such a deal and the defferet payments...
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    Frfr Question

    I don't remember any keyboard player who brought a 12" to the rehearse or to a gig. They usually bring small stuff with 8" or 10". If they'd want the full bass they'd need 15", but you get enough lows from the p.a. anyway, so...
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    How loud is your frfr?

    All that is about speaker sensitvity. The Celestion F12-x200 is almost as loud as a typical guitar speaker, which means 50 watts is already plenty loud. Most FRFRs instead need x-times the watts for the same volume. So you can't rely on watts in datasheets. Cutting through in a bandmix and...
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    Volume control question

    A very distorted sound looses some distortion but keeps it's volume when you turn down the volume knob on the guitar. A clean sound looses volume instead when you turn down the knob. You see the volume balance between the sounds depends on the strength of the input signal and the amount of...
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    Has it really come that far?

    I get good results faster with the III and more amps and more cabs work for me compared to the former generation, and that's obvious. And from that you could concluede the modeling made hughe steps since and got better, though I wouldn't say I had bad sounds with the II or the Ultra. You still...
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    Best amp model for “Chainsaw” Tone

    In the real world that sound would be a recto with medium to low gain with a v30 cab and with a distortion pedal in front.
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    Best amp model for “Chainsaw” Tone

    That's true. I can hear the Rat scratching.... But don't it feels weird to make no use of an amp block in a preset?
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    Best amp model for “Chainsaw” Tone

    In general turn down MV to increase the preamp's influence vs. the poweramp's. And you might prefer cold biased, high neg feedback, lowered X-former match. Have you also tried the Angel Severe 1? Lower gain settings recommended there, too much gain flattens everything.
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