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Recent content by 54321pj

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    Axe-Fx III with Classic Nylon Guitar

    Nice. I’d like to try the preset out you have there. Do you have it available for purchase?
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    BOSS ES- 8 and Fractal Axe-Fx II

    For gigging I use the Boss ES-8 to control presets and scene changes with my Axe FX II (I also own the III but currently have it in the studio and havent set the Boss up with it yet) Cant remember exactly how I set it up or what mode it's in. But in a nutshell I have Bank 1 as preset 1, and then...
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    [Moke's Custom Presets] Axe-Fx III - Updated to 4.03! New 'Triple-Gain' Versions

    Great work Moke! A really hard tone to cop for sure! Purchasing now....
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    Mandolin Sim Preset?

    I seem to recall something put up on the forum a long time ago... I could be wrong though. 2 pitch blocks ring a bell?? One to give the 12 string effect and one to bring everything up an octave with a tone match somewhere after.. I think the form member "Moke" would be able to get this pretty...
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    Coming soon...

    Billy F Gibbons....ZZ Top..
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    Axe-Edit III 0.09.14 Public Beta

    Many thanks - especially appreciate the disable mouse wheel option :)
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    Def Leppard Makes the Switch to the Axe-Fx III

    Wowser!!!! Some of my all time favorite tones from those mid to late 80's albums! Would love to get some secrets for their presets.......
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    Wish Knob and button functionality

    Great. This is something which will for sure benefit everyone.:) I did a wish list, way back when I bought my II, and wondered if the manual could be embedded into Axe Edit and viewed when you hover or use a shortcut key. Personally I would like to see a few tips thrown in for good value too -...
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    Implemented Option to disable mouse scroll

    Currently I'm finding it the most annoying thing when using the III full stop. I never use the front panel (never did with the II either) I mean, yes I would like to save loops, have more and different effects etc etc etc... But this should be real easy to fix/install as an option? I noticed...
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    FREE - Fractal Mic Sim IRs from the 'Axe-Fx II' Cab block

    Hmmmm, I don't know, but sounds like a brilliant idea!..... Even more tonal possibilities from the same cab.......
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    FREE - Fractal Mic Sim IRs from the 'Axe-Fx II' Cab block

    Me actually, the results are great. I often bring the signal back to my DAW and blend it. I urge you to try it. Take some samples and then do a blind fold test, to see which amp/cab/mic sounds best... The truth is... Its all subjective. And one amp might like it, the other might not. If you...
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    FREE - Fractal Mic Sim IRs from the 'Axe-Fx II' Cab block

    Thing is, I dont see what is really misleading about it. In the real world, I could in fact, mic my CLR up with any microphone I wish.
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    FREE - Fractal Mic Sim IRs from the 'Axe-Fx II' Cab block

    Moke you are a genius! I asked for these as soon as it was realized that the mic sims where not coming back for the III... And I basically got instantly bashed.... For me, this offering is up there with Fractool, as far as offerings from forum members. I do hope you are looked after behind the...
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    80's Clean Tones - Preset/Tutorial

    Would love to try that Preset :):)
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    MILO Presets

    Its a good point, the length and quality of the cable make a big difference. I always set my presets up with a long cable anyway, as this is what I would play through live normally. :)
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