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Recent content by 54321pj

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    Looking for nylon1 preset that I lost due to battery

    An old link to an old thread? https://forum.fractalaudio.com/threads/classic-guitar-nylon-strings.48169/#post-648360
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    Marillion - "Kayleigh" Guitar Solo w/ TABS - FW15.01 Goodness :)

    Sounds really good. Is the preset available anywhere? I’d like to try it!
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    Looper Axe-Fx III

    I'm no expert by any stretch but first I would recommend making sure the ES-8 is configured correctly. Is it brand new or secondhand? As it may have been pre-programmed to bypass? Anyway, I would take the Axe out of the equation first, and just plug the ES straight into your amp and make sure...
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    Reset communication timeout without reboot

    This. There are now lots and LOTs of threads here about similar issues. I had the issue too, I narrowed my particular problem down to the Axe USB port - No matter which USB cable I inserted it always felt every so slightly loose (or for want of a better phrase - just not snug enough or not as...
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    Looper Axe-Fx III

    I currently have mine set up as follows.:- Guitar 1/4 inch jack into Es-8. Es-8 into Axe III front input (again1/4 jack) Also run midi from Es-8 into Axe III. I have the axe III midi mapped to change presets and scenes (I haven’t figured out the whole pc and cc change possibilities - so I have...
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    Wish Amp Block "Chug" Parameter

    Actually I’d like to see a whole separate tab in the amp block for this sort of thing. Chug Chewiness Chime Etc
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    This is the most beautiful sound I've ever got

    I think “T-Side” “used for live gig”
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    Angry Cat Blues - Axe-Fx 3 Carol Ann model + Wah

    Wowser indeed!! Do I hear a wah in there? Would love that preset if it’s possible to share??
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    Wish More Looper block memory slots

    +1 Just having the basic controls modifiable and scene controllable would be a quantum jump forward. I can’t use the block at all with the way it is now.
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    The best recording I've ever posted here

    Very cool, reminds me a little of Marillion. I’d like to try that sound you have if there is a preset available? :)
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    Wish Looper requests

    +1 the very basic controls modifiable and/or scene controlled..
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    Looper Axe-Fx III

    Thanks. I set my Axe II back up today, honestly it was like meeting an old good friend again. I'm going to incorporate it into the loop of my III (buts that's another thread) The looper was better for my needs for what I could see. It did function exactly as I remember, and yes It had record...
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    Looper Axe-Fx III

    I honestly don’t remember assigning anything. Only ever using my expression pedal to start stop... I haven’t switched my II on for months I’ll check mine out tomorrow. I do remember it beeIng extremely easy to use with just one expression pedal set as a latch.
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    Looper Axe-Fx III

    The record and play buttons were modifiable I have pedal 2 set up as a latch. Toe down record. Toe up stop record. When the record stops I then had auto play on... Then simply switch scenes to bypass the looper. Really simple. I can’t quite believe these modifiable parameters Have not been...
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    Looper Axe-Fx III

    Thought Id ask the forum, Ive Owned the Axe III since it first come out and I had the Axe II for years before that. I used to use the Looper with relative ease in the Axe II, but with the III I'm having trouble figuring out how to actually trigger record and play. I don't have the FC-6 or 12...
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