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Recent content by 200man

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    Axe-Fx III Firmware 19.00 Beta 1

    alright now!
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    Any other dealers like Sweetwater that have pics of the actual instrument you're buying?

    https://www.davesguitar.com/ https://wildwoodguitars.com/
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    RIP Bob Saget

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    The reason The Beatles used EPIPHONES...

    https://gear-vault.com/john-lennon-revolution-casino-electric-guitar-review/ I had a 1964 Guild Starfire and the back of the body was messed by a belt buckle. Anyway I stripped the entire guitar…and actually I thought the guitar lost its bite…so not going to do that again. :)
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    The reason The Beatles used EPIPHONES...

    small point: the casino is a hollow body, not semi-hollow body… Can’t speak to the build quality of what you are looking at but the casino is a great guitar. I really like the two p-90s which can just scream in a hollow body instrument…. Anyway I bought a mint John Lennon version, I think they...
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    Adobe Sucks

    “Our Board of Directors is focused on creating long-term value for Adobe stockholders.“ Can someone help me find any mention of a customer here?
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    Beatles Get Back

    sounds like my wife :)
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    Let's see those FM9 rigs!

    I’m just using the FM9 for effects and tuning. I’ve been putting together a simple rig and something funny happened. I like jazz so I have 3 fender amps…and was shaking my head thinking this is not what I want…then I remembered I had a Marshall JTM-45 re-issue head…plugged it into a 50 year old...
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    Beatles Get Back

    Just finished this… A couple of thoughts…I still don’t understand the value of Yoko’s noise. But, for a group that wrote hit after hit about love, watching John with Yoko in love was joyful. The world is full of people who’ve never found true love…
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    Incident: FM9 froze on startup

    Turned it on, it started waking up, went blank…and nothing. Turned it off, removed the usb plug(no idea if this is the actual problem), turned it on and then it woke up. Anyway no question about the cable, works with both the Axe2 and Axe3 without issue. In fact, never had this particular...
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    Overcoming Stage Fright

    maybe some kind of ritual…would help… here’s some famous jazzers and what they do/did: https://www.akbanksanat.com/en/blog/cazin-sahne-arkasindan-konser-oncesi-aliskanliklar
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    Faster / Slower - Why?

    speed is good…but accuracy is better
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    Damn you Amazon!!!

    A little off topic… On my birthday this year my sister sent me a youtube link. I clicked on it and it was Peter Noonan wishing me a personalized happy birthday. He sang Henry the VIII but substituting my first name Steve as Stevie….absolutely hilarious. Peter Noonan is a joy… Anyway this is...
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    Damn you Amazon!!!

    Tom Jones is a phenomenal singer but the pussycat song is, in my mind, dangerous. :)
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