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Recent content by 200man

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    Latency of amp modelers

    Oh, on another note concerning cores…the wiki impies 2 cores…but going back to the announcement it was proclaimed as 4 cores: …The FM9 completes our product family, standing proudly between Axe-Fx III and FM3 in terms of power, portability and price. It is our most powerful floor unit ever, with...
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    Latency of amp modelers

    i know…we can agree to disagree…wrt to latency…i gotta believe parallel processing would have a direct benefit.
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    Latency of amp modelers

    from the wiki…the fm9 if managed properly by the designers, is more powerful for the final sound: CPU The processing power of the III is the highest, allowing the most effects and functionality in presets. The III Turbo offers even more CPU power. On the FM3, the delays share a core DSP with...
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    Banned from TGP

    I was Banned in the Gear Page Forum …now sing it like bruce springsteen
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    I didn’t, thanks ! So, a google page comes up…how do i know i’m on the do not fly list of tracking?
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    Question about unwanted exaggerated frequencies around 2.5K?

    @4406cuda …That is not what we are taking about, some of us are struggling with a metallic annoying artifact. I have to admit this problem around 2.5k is real but I have heard this with my guitars through tube amps as well. But no opinion yet whether the modeller is contributing... And it is...
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    Iconic JBL impedance curves

    I got a D130F…would be nice! Can the thiele-small parameters be sufficient? Altec provided these and there were a few popular 12 inch speakers there too.
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    Let’s see your les pauls

    you stink… ;) the one on the right looks like an early 80s standard I owned…mine was deep red…i miss it…
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    Online music degree programs, marone a mia!!!

    maybe….but something like the https://www.timmillermusiclessons.com/ is cheap…
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    Online music degree programs, marone a mia!!!

    Agreed on the lack of networking online. It makes no sense. IF, you really wanted to learn and gain connections and life-long friends…then you might make an argument for a trek to Berklee or North Texas.
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    Online music degree programs, marone a mia!!!

    the recommendation for tim miller’s video lessons is worth checking out. But the question is, what are you looking to get out of a music degree?
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    Any 335'ers Up In Here??

    it says es-347 but it is actually a gussied up 335 what with changing the pickups and wiring harness
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    NGD: 70th anniversary 1968 Reissue les paul custom

    is the tissue box on your desk for tears of joy? P.S. decided to weigh the les paul: 10.0 lbs.
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    NGD: 70th anniversary 1968 Reissue les paul custom

    We now have the exact same les paul…the one i showed in the les paul thread is also a 70th anniversary. :) Happy playing, I love this guitar! Be a man!
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    Best Live Album Of All Time

    Joe Cocker/Leon Russell Mad Dogs and Englishmen…this is the concert someone needs to take me to back in the way-back machine. Leon cool as a cuke…love that guy. Joe doing his best John Belushi. :)
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