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Recent content by 1923ford

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    Wish Firmware update

    Hmmm...So what about some of the “original” guys involved with the Axe Fx that “have since left the company” or “no longer are involved with Fractal” as indicated by numerous musicians who have used Fractal gear for many years? There is no shame is losing an employee, especially to a...
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    Wish Firmware update

    From what I’ve heard they lost a number of key people to [a competitor]. So my guess is that [that competitor] will be making a run at Fractal. I agree I don’t want/need amp modeling...but I wish they’d make some updates to the FX8 as well. Adding effects or even some way to “tone match”...
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    Eternal Love (Lovepedal Eternity)

    Does anyone have the REAL version of this pedal? If so, does it sound accurate? I'm wondering because there are apparently "many" versions of the REAL pedal...and I wasn't sure which REAL pedal the MODEL was based on? Thank you.
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    FX8 Mark II Price Drop...

    is that an indication a new FX8 is on the horizon?
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    FS FS: Fractal AX8

    Anyone in Houston, TX looking for a Brand New AX8? I just received one today but can not keep it. If you are on the wait list and would like one now, let me know.
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    Wish Friedman BE-OD Pedal

    I picked one of these up and it really does sound amazing into an amp set clean. I know Fractal has models of the Friedman amps, etc...so would be cool if they'd add this pedal to the FX8.
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    Drive Block-Clip Type Help

    Just wondering if anyone had any descriptions of the CLIP TYPES in the Drive Block. It seems many of the models use the SILICON...just wondering if these CLIP TYPES were more for TONE changes or GAIN changes? Thanks.
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    Zakk Wylde ZW-44

    anyone have a good setting or block that I can use with my FX8? Thanks
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    Zakk Wylde Overdrive ZW-44

    i have a FX8 and I'm looking for anyone with a good ZW-44 overdrive or block. Thank you.
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    Wish BOSS Waza Craft Pedals!!!

    ive jammed a few of these Pedals and they sound great!
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    FX8 Drive Configuration

    However I think there must be some hidden parameters because I believe some of the drives use more CPU than others.
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    FX8 Drive Configuration

    I was wondering the same thing? It certainly seems to be the case.
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    Ya-Ya Effect

    THANK YOU! I'll definitely check it out...
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    Ya-Ya Effect

    Anyone been able to come up with a ya-ya effect? I think that is what it is called...makes vocal sounds like oooo...eeee...aaaa. Thanks.
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    Global Drive ON/OFF

    yes, I can assign one of the other footswitches as global...but was hoping there was a work around to assign F1, F2, F3 as a global switch. thank you.
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