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New Profile Posts

  1. Kdog
    She had those apple bottom jeans—/boots with the furrrr
  2. Tompino
    Tompino 2112
    Hey there you amazing sound maker! :-) Please IF you got the time do some Bogner Ecstasy presets för AX-8 close to Lukather's sound nowadays.
  3. Sikes44
    Sikes44 James.Jeffery
    Interested in your axe fx. Please contact me if it’s still available.
  4. Eido
    Eido 2112
    Hey Leon you are a great man for all the help you give us and your video's are very helpful to me.. I just pick up the AXE FX 3 you where the main reason I purchased it :) I want to ask you could you please help me with a Vocodr Patch for the AXE FX 3 I am struggling with that and there's no patch available that I can Find :) love Ragdoll if you could here is mine on Spotify "Mental Tronde de Jambe"
  5. S7EVEN
    Greetings.... watts up?
  6. andyp13
    andyp13 sherpa_man
    Are you selling the GT800
  7. simeon
    Five by five
  8. Theurge
    plectrum in f hole
  9. Theurge
    blisters on finger
  10. Bcraig
    Bcraig York Audio
    The Fender Deluxe Reverb is spot on!

    Hi there I have the axe fx 2 xl +

    I started to add some picking with my strat hss America Eleite
    And I was wondering if You have the preset that you created in Axe-Fx?
    1. York Audio
      York Audio
      Hi there, yes, the preset can be found in the Delux Verb Cab Pack and will work with your II XL+
      Feb 24, 2019
  11. jonathan maurois
    jonathan maurois GotMetalBoy
    Hi! i would like to say thank you for yr tuto for liquid f. good job.
    i would like to know ( i'm not very good in English and i' dont know if it already write inside) but i looking for if it's possible to change (by synchronization) the preset on the liquid foot when i change the preset on axe fx (because i use ableton for change my preset, but it doesn't change on liquid foot, thank you very much by advance
  12. carlosprs
    carlosprs guitartripp
    On previous posts I told you I use my Helix to control Axe FX III and you said you can send me a patch with all Midi setting to do that.
    Can you send me this patch to carolmiro@orange.fr
    Thank you indeed
    1. guitartripp
      Hi the patch and settings are on the post.
      Feb 23, 2019
  13. kevinleighton
    kevinleighton simeon
    simeon ,am trying to find your axe 111 presets.
    1. simeon
      hi kevin. i don't have a III, sorry
      Feb 19, 2019
  14. Prsmusicman
    Prsmusicman Admin M@
    Good morning. I'm a newby at this, AX8 arriving soon so I want to get involved with Forum. No sure what all this means being blocked and that i have to make 10 posts or whatever, but all I want to do is join the forum. Please help and advise what I need to do to avoid this and be able to post with no blocking as I've never seen this before and am confused. Appreciate your help.
  15. Prsmusicman
    Prsmusicman Admin M@
    ordered Ax8.
    could you suggest the top 10-15
    top presets for following tones:
    totally clean, clean with chorus (reverb/delay fine), minor distorted dirt for rhythm like Tube Screamer with some gain Metal zone, heavy distortion for metal tone, distorted lead tone with a lot is sustain for solos and a setting for just some nice distortion. Live Reverb, delay and chorus.

    appreciate suggestions.
  16. johnnyrocker33
    johnnyrocker33 lessthanone
    I pulled the trigger on I am Apollo twin, but I’m having trouble justifying the cost. I had been using my fractal via USB, and didn’t notice a big difference coming into the Apollo. I noticed you mentioned that you really love to using the Apollo, is there something I’m missing? I’m a bit new to the game here, so I appreciate any insight you can provide
  17. Adam Yurman
    Adam Yurman 2112
    Hello Leon, I loved your video about setting up parallel effects on the Ax8. Thank you. I went to your Axexchange settings page 2112 but I could not find the setting using "Deon Be" as the search criteria. I didn't see any links in the video. Might need glasses :) Im new to AxExchange. Would you please advise how to search for that setting on your page? Thanks in advance. Adam
  18. Neelfy
    Neelfy Moke
    Hey Mark howz things?
    You any plans to update your presets to v3.xx in near future?

    1. Moke
      Yes, I will, once things settle down a bit. I like to wait until there is a stable (bug free) official firmware for a bit.
      Feb 14, 2019
      Jozsef Kiss and Neelfy like this.
    2. Neelfy
      I thought that might have been the case, makes perfect sense since you dont wann be spending time updating your presets then Fractal release an update every couple of days/weeks :-D

      Cheers \m/
      Feb 14, 2019
      Moke likes this.
  19. Jeff Epperson
    Jeff Epperson AlGrenadine
    Will it convert all my scenes from XL II to the III
    1. AlGrenadine
      Yes, i guess you're talking about FracTool ?
      Feb 11, 2019
    2. AlGrenadine
      Yes scenes data is converted
      Feb 22, 2019
  20. RockSavi
    RockSavi ML SOUND LAB
    Hey Mikko!. I have the Boogey V Amp Pack, great tone!. I will also get the MEGA OVERSIZE Cab Pack. Thanks.
    1. ML SOUND LAB likes this.
      Cheers dude! They're really powerful when used together.
      Feb 11, 2019