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  1. Juan Rodriguez
    Juan Rodriguez MotherSea
    Hi there!

    I saw a past post of yours about a boss fv 500 pedal that falls back down to toe-down. I have the same problem, did you resolved the issue?

  2. Hoosierdaddy
    "Under the Influence " of Fractal Tones
  3. Hoosierdaddy
    Fractal-ited !!!!!!!! and Happy
  4. Jambo
    Jambo Mark Day
    Hey Mark,
    Been enjoying your YouTube videos on the AX8. Can't seem to find any of your AX8 patches to download...was wondering if you could send some to me or direct me where to find them. My email is so much...Chris
  5. curious
    There is no spoon . . .
  6. Tom Morris
    Tom Morris AlGrenadine
    Hi Al,
    Hope your having a great day. Just wondering what the status is on you working on something for the transition for Axe Fx II >> AXF III. Its getting close to order day. I haven't really seen much info on if we will be able to move blocks at least to the III in an easy way. I have money for you when your solution is ready! lol Tom.
    1. AlGrenadine
      Hi Tom,
      Until i get an Axe 3 (not before may in EU), the status is simple : i even don't know if it will be possible
      Feb 18, 2018 at 11:18 AM
    2. Tom Morris
      Tom Morris
      We will keep the faith.
      Feb 19, 2018 at 6:19 PM
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  7. Billguitarvin
    Billguitarvin curious
    My max I have to spend is 1500. Totally understand if you don't want to do it, but that is all I have. Thanks for the consideration.
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    2. Billguitarvin
      Thanks for coming down on your offer. Sorry, but I can't swing 2000, My friend said he could loan me 100, so how about 1600? Thanks for your consideration!
      Feb 18, 2018 at 11:06 AM
    3. curious
      Sorry. No can do. Best of luck.
      Feb 18, 2018 at 12:02 PM
    4. Billguitarvin
      Okay dokay. Thanks again and take care!
      Feb 18, 2018 at 12:39 PM
  8. Shashiaj
    Crazy and Inspired.
  9. Billguitarvin
    Billguitarvin curious
    Whoops, just went back to your post in classifieds and saw it was an XL, not an XL+, but I'm still interested. Thanks!
    1. curious
      Yes. I would sell only the Ax FX II XL and the MFC-101 Mark III. Make me a reasonable offer.
      Feb 16, 2018
  10. Billguitarvin
    Billguitarvin curious
    Hi Curious! Was wondering if enough time has passed that you might consider selling just the axe fx 2 XL+ and MFC. Thanks!
  11. Lachdanon
    Lachdanon AZG
    Hi AZG

    I’m trying to set up my LF+ pro+ and wondered if you still have your template? If so, can I trouble you to share it with me?


  12. Tone Collector
    Tone Collector xprophet
    Hey hey Cbus! I have an XL+ and an Ultra. Do you gig out in a band around here?
  13. Big T
    Big T AlGrenadine
    Hi AlGrenadine,

    I will be buying a used RAC12 MkII unit this weekend, which I'm very much looking forward to owning. Im a more knobs type of person than Tablet etc. However i was wondering is there somewhere/website that you have the very latest firmware for the units in case i should need it? Latest manuals/edit programme etc.

    Best regards,

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    2. Big T
      Big T
      Hi again Alex,
      Many thanks for the link, there i found the manual and RACEdit.pkg, great. Would there be a need to update the firmware in the RAC12 unit, if so where would i find that?
      Again appreciate the response :o}
      Feb 15, 2018
    3. AlGrenadine
      If needed, rac12edit will tell you and will update it
      Feb 15, 2018
    4. Big T
      Big T
      Thats great, many thanks again Alex, appreciate your quick response :o}
      Feb 15, 2018
  14. croberto
    croberto MicFarlow
    Interested in a wedge. Glad I joined the forum before just buying something else.
    1. MicFarlow
      Hi there. Please send me a note to and let me know what you are thinking about and we'll go from there. Thanks!
      Feb 11, 2018
  15. eduardosimoesneto
    eduardosimoesneto Admin M@
    Hi! Do you have an organ patch that you can share?
    Thank you.
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    2. curious
      Ditto for me. Lookin for a good one.
      Feb 20, 2018 at 7:18 AM
  16. drawnacrol
  17. Tone Collector
    Tone Collector Severed
    Hi, I saw your post that you use about 200 presets at gigs. I do too! What sort of music do ya play - originals or covers? thx
  18. Ax8alex
    Ax8alex lauke-lux
    Do you have Lincoln’s real life patches?
  19. rodzimguitar68
    Running down to the mailbox every 20 minutes to see whether my AxeIII has arrived!
  20. cedric_14
    cedric_14 Paulg2uk
    Hi paul,

    I could be interested by your axe II XL+ for 1700 euros (1483 livres) and says me with shipping costs

    Tell me (french musician)
    Have a good day