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  1. Anyone use a RAC12 with MFC-101, LF+ or Mastermind GT?
  2. Help. GCP: connecting an external switch for tap tempo?
  3. Bug with new LF+ 12+ Firmware 4.17 & AxeEdit
  4. Will Behringer FCB1010 MIDI Foot Controller work with the Axe Fx 2 stock?
  6. Is anyone use a McMillen 12 Step to control an Axe FXII?
  7. MFC1010 Program changes revert back to first patch
  8. Mission EP11S with GCP
  9. New Firmware for LF+ Controllers
  10. Controlling Axe FX 2 with Line 6 FBV Shortboard MK 2?!
  11. Scene select with MIDI cc
  12. Pedalboard for LiqiudFoot Jr+ ?
  13. Midi Controllers for AxeFxII that show a tuner
  14. VOX TONELAB SE as Midi Controller
  15. Switch plugged in "Pedal 1" to inc/dec scenes?
  16. Liquid FT+jr+ help please AXEFX II XL
  17. RAC12 - Magnetic, Glow in the Dark labels... prototypes ready!
  18. Programming Gordius Little Giant II
  19. RAC12 on tour?
  20. FCB 1010 basic setup - HELP
  21. My feedback on FCB1010 for Axe FX 2 XL
  22. EV-2
  23. Midi newbie - stupid questions
  24. LF+ Adapter Plug help
  25. FAMC LF+ and FAS Axe-Fx II Tutorial
  26. Liquid Foot New Firmware/Editor Released v4.15 02-17-15
  27. FCB1010/UnO with Axe-Fx II XL and Axe-Edit
  29. FCB1010 Expression pedal doesn't start at the heel...
  30. Skipping when switching via USB+REAPER
  31. FCB1010 - "rapid" wah changes
  32. No MIDI controller seems to be working with my Axe 2...
  33. Just got Axe Fx 2 need midi help using HD500x
  34. Uno Chip or No Uno Chip? ... or HD500?
  35. Simplest, lightest and cheapest footswitch solution for AXE-FX
  36. LF+ JR+ - very slow switching presets
  37. any one using studio one with axe as sound card?
  38. EV-1
  39. LF+ scenes question
  40. Cliff, did we lose Running Status programming for the Roland FC-300? FW 17.04
  41. My "new" volume pedal
  42. LF+jr+ question pertaining to AXeFX II XL
  43. FCB1010 Uno chipped for Axe FX XL
  44. This looks interesting Boss ES-8
  45. Peavey 1600X
  46. Mission WhaWha pedal only works as volume pedal after update
  47. Rocktron Midi Raider
  48. Completely and totally lost - Yamaha MFC10
  49. Voodoo GC PRO
  50. using FBV shortboard MKII as a controller.
  51. New GigWrx Labels for my Ground Control Pro!
  52. Low-cost Wah Controller
  53. Toggling Scenes on a LF+JR+?
  54. Scenes and Looperfunction...pls a.s.a.p
  55. Control Scenes via midi or other device?
  56. Anyone able to get a Mission SP-1 pedal's switch to work with the MFC?
  57. FCB1010 UNO Confusion
  58. Another Cool Controller!
  59. New to Axe fx Ultra, New to Midi help needed please
  60. Those with First Gen Liquid Foot controllers - Handling X/Y?
  61. Axe FX II+FBC1010- setting exp. volume pedal
  62. FCB 1001 Tuner Axe Fx Ultra Help
  63. New Liquid-Foot X-series?
  64. Best expression pedal for axe fx ii Whammy effect?
  65. Is my LF+ Pro+ defective or am I defective?
  66. Classic Audio Effects: Expression Roller
  67. cant find a very use full thread on other midi controllers
  68. http://fxunits.com/
  69. VooDoo Labs GCPro and Axe-Fx Scenes
  70. Question about using the LF jr with the XL
  71. LF Mini + help!
  72. Is a Voodoo Ground Pro a good controller for the AXE?
  73. Reverb Hold with Behringer FB1010
  74. Using a Digitech + Control One as a MFC for the Axe-FX!
  76. What kind of midi cable do I need to feed the ground control pro with axe?
  77. Trying to plan out my pedalboard
  78. reverb and delay not saving as engaged?
  79. What is an Expression pedal - electonically speaking...
  80. Controlling Multiple Units Simultaneously
  81. Gigwrx FX Labels Compatible with VooDoo Lab Ground Control Pro
  82. AXE II BUG?
  83. Should I get Hosa or Rocktron 7pin midi cable?
  84. Randall RF8
  85. FW 17 and LF+Jr+
  86. EV-1 question
  87. Rocktron Midi Mate won't sync up with the Axe FX 2
  88. Kaoss pad as controller
  89. EurekaProm 2 FCB101010 wah wah help Axe Fx II
  90. Any DIYers working on custom foot controllers?
  91. Liquid Foot+ 12+ Axe Ultra preset sync/update issues
  92. Mission SP-1 or EP-1 (sitting down)?
  93. So the Fractal Expression pedal showed up in the store...
  94. Axe for Lemur
  95. Mission SP-1 Wah Volume Setup
  96. I'm thinking about buying a FAMC Liquid Foot+ Pro+ but have some questions
  97. Quick Mastermind question...
  98. Whammy
  99. Wah setup across different scenes
  100. FCB1010 - is it possible?
  101. entry level footswitch solution
  102. H&K FSM432 to be used with Axe 2 ?
  103. Programming FCB1010 via PC Editor and AxeFx XL
  104. So... since when did the block bypass value change?
  105. Ground Control Pro Voodoo Lab!
  106. Axe fx and rocktron all access
  107. RAC12 - New 1U rack controller for Axe-Fx II / XL
  108. 1U AXE Control Panel
  109. Liquid foot mini wireless??
  110. Has anyone tried the new Mastermind GT 22 controller?
  111. None of my expression pedals work
  112. Ground Pro Boss FV500 Problem
  114. Anyone use the Fractal Audio PS to power LF+ JR+
  115. I'm willing to start putting together a FCB1010 Mega Guide..with your help!
  116. Boss FV500 as a volume pedal
  117. How to activate tuner from MIDI Controller FCB1010?
  118. S1Midi trigger
  119. Scene change with Boss FS6
  120. Fractal Expression Pedal
  121. FCB1010+UNO chip+control center
  122. DIY MIDI Controller, PART II
  123. Can I use this?
  124. Multiple CC's on Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro
  125. Roland UM-One mk2
  126. EurekaPROM2
  127. MFC 2ctrl L6HDpro 2ctrl Variax69 models 2Axe?
  128. Ok, this is weird, identifying two different ext midi buttons with same number
  129. Set-Up Axe-Fx for FCB1010 w/ EurekaProm
  130. Setting up two expression pedals on GCP
  131. VG 88 as a controller
  132. Liquid Foot Mini (or other) Questions?
  133. SysEx messages to/from FCB1010 through AxeFX XL
  134. Wah with boss fv 500h
  135. Mini liquid ft + and Axe FX looper
  136. Tap Tempo for Delays on Voodoo Lab Pro
  137. WTS Pioneer DDJ-T1 DJ Controller for Traktor DJ Software…….…..$500.00
  138. Wondering if it's possible to use a PC as a midi controller
  139. Calling Original LF users XY IA behavior
  140. Liquid foot 12+ or Mastermind GT 16 controllers?
  141. New footswitch from Boss: FS-7 Dual Footswitch
  142. This time I actually am stuck setting up my GCP
  143. Behringer FCB-1010
  144. Technical question for power supply for LFP
  145. Mission pedal issue
  146. Solution for changing Axe Preset, Korg Keys Preset, and Roland Drum Pad preset
  147. Trouble with the GCP setup
  148. Axe FX II XL + Original Liquid Foot JR?
  149. Axe Fx XL_MFC 101 MKII+ Roland FC 100
  150. Weird FCB1010 Problem
  151. Fcb300 & tha AxeII XL
  152. Gordius users - how are you using your controller?
  153. McMillen SoftStep
  154. Scene Mapping issue (Roland FC-200)
  155. New Liquid Foot Editor and Firmware 4.0 from FAMC Released
  156. Best Expression Pedal
  157. Ground control pro IA assignment?
  158. AxeFx / mastermind GT / Midi Tempo from external source, is this possible?
  159. How to Set Precise dB Value from Midi Controller
  160. Axe Fx 2 XL + Mission SP1
  161. FCB1010 Screen Mod?
  162. LF+ JR+ Scenes and Switch Assignments
  163. What expression pedal do you use?
  164. HELP Rocktron Midi Mate and Axe FX2
  165. Liquid Foot programming help needed
  166. Expression pedal (Mission SP-1) help needed.
  167. My Custom FCB1010 Labels
  168. Looking For a Cheap Foot Controller
  169. AMT EX-50 Expression Pedal
  170. LF+JR+
  171. GCP w/ 7 pin MIDI cable help
  172. Voodoo GCP - volume dips when switching patches?
  173. iPad as a midi controller
  174. Need help! - how to turn on/off blocks/fx with my controller.
  175. LAMF+12+ present name sync issue
  176. STOCK FCB1010 Axe II XL Scene changes using UP and DOWN switches
  177. Scenes and CC# values. Need help:)
  178. Pod X3 Live as a foot controller
  179. Liquid foot 12 and scenes.
  180. LF+ Mini VS RJM Mastermind
  181. Anyone tried any of these midi boards?
  182. Looking for a device to add a few CCs (with midi out)?
  183. FCB1010
  184. FCB1010 Eureka PROM questions
  185. TC Electronic RC4 Remote
  186. Voodoo Labs GCP & Mission Engineering SP1
  187. (my) Perfect midi controller
  188. Using a Midi keyboard through the axefxII
  189. Mission EP-1 and Axe Fx
  190. FCB1010 + AxeFx II small issue
  191. One or two row midi controllers?
  192. 2 Button Amp footswitch?
  193. Issues with AxeFX2 and stock FCB1010
  194. FCB1010 pedals auto wah
  195. New Rig Kontol Labels
  196. FCB1010 mod chip questions
  197. Can the Pedal Jack 1/4 on the back of the Axe 2 control more than one function?
  198. money is inbound the next few months....
  199. Suggestions for *lightweight* but quality expression pedals
  200. Excuse my Question that will have been asked already- A budget foostwitch
  202. Liquid Foot - Assigning External Switch o Page Button
  203. Liquid Foot +, Looper with 2 buttons (JamMan style)
  204. NEW FCB1010 ARS labels
  205. TRS cable
  206. Mission Engineering SP1-LF and Wah / Volume with One Pedal
  207. Axe FX-II XL & LF+ 12+ PHANTOM POWER
  208. Expression pedal with toe switch for wah?
  209. Help programming LF+ Jr
  210. Line 6 XT Live as controller
  211. Foot Controller
  212. Wireless MIDI controller attached to guitar
  213. Tip: testing expression pedals and external switches.
  214. Roland FC-300 midi foot controller issues at gig
  215. HELP - Alternative to dead MFC with Gig in 6 Days?
  216. MFC-101 or LF Jr+ - I need to decide NOW!
  217. Temporary MFC-replacement
  218. Expression / Volume Pedal Reduces Volume
  219. FAMC LF+ with Axe-Fx II - Quick Start Guide and Template:
  220. FCV100 expression pedal tweaks
  221. expression pedal help - LF+12+
  222. axe-fx ultra / stock behringer fcb1010
  223. FCB1010 Wah Switch Mod
  224. New Pedalboard Layout
  225. Dedicated Looper Midi Controller
  226. Voodoo Labs Ground Control Pro or peak FCB8N
  227. Will the Peavey Sanpera II work.
  228. New to using a Lexicon MPX R1 with the Axe fx II
  229. Question about a Liquid Foot LF+12 order from europe.
  230. Small Controller for preset and cc changes?
  231. What's happening here? Latch settings?
  232. Calling all Coders!
  233. Momentary volume boost via my Midi controller
  234. Gordius programming - Auto Engage pedals
  235. Midi thru box - bidirectional?
  236. Looper Setup with FAMC LF+
  237. Axe fx II with Line 6 Floorboard
  238. Epression pedals with jacks on the back not the side?
  239. Boss FV500 "Dead Spot" Woes
  240. Attaching FV-500 to Pedalboard
  241. So, why the phantom power mod?
  242. Block Parameter ID Documentation
  243. rocktron all access tap tempo?
  244. Gordius programming buttons for scenes?
  245. Which pedal boards update stomp box led's with preset or scene change?
  246. Ground Control Pro + Expression Pedals
  247. rocktron MIDI Mate - what else do I need for it to work?
  248. Lexicon R1 - Scenes - help
  249. Song/Set Mode for Rocktron All Access
  250. How do I make a tuner preset on old Ground (not pro) Control?