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Thread: Axe-Fx and price?

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    Axe-Fx and price?

    Just wondering if axe-fx will still me made now that the axe II and ultra are around, and if so what the price would be. With digidesign eleven around, it would be sweet to have axe-fx regular at a lower price point than the II. At this point I am looking at eleven rack until i see things hit the $999 mark, even if I have to watch ebay to find me one, I think I would prefer this over the eleven rack.

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    ive seen afew standards hit $1000 on afew forums.. im also waiting for another to hit $1000 before I jump on.. but ive seen at least 3 so far so it may be possible once more II's start hitting the streets

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    I'll just say that I sold my Ultra and bought an 11R to hold me over till I can get an AxeFXII. You can score an 11R for a pretty decent price and it works ok. But I'm running into issues with ProTools taking over my system and it won't work with my regular audio interface so everything that I would want to record has to be done through the 11R. The GUI editor only works in ProTools so you have to have it if you want to load or save presets.

    Soundwise it's not bad, but the AxeFX is in a completely seperate category in everything that it does. If the 11R is good then the AxeFX is amazing. And I've got to sell this thing when I do get the AxeFXII so this isn't fanboy talk because it kind of hurts my resale value. It's just being honest. Saving a few hundred bucks is not worth the frustration and lack of features IMHO.

    The AxeFX allows you to create just about any rig layout you can imagine and adjust the mix and level on every effect block in the path with tons of different effects. The 11R is like having a pedalboard with a few decent pedals, everything is serial (in a straight line) and only about half allow you to edit the mix control. We haven't even talked about the 70+ amps vs the limited number that you get with 11R even after buying the upgrade for another $100 (which I did).

    If you want decent for a good price get the 11R, if you want amazing get the AxeFX.

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    I think someone posted here over the last few weeks that NO more Axe-FX Standards or Ultra's are being made. That means there's a finite number out there. How many we do not know. That - given the demand - will keep prices above the $1100 mark for the Standard - IMHO. Given that they still knock the socks off everything else out there - except the Axe2

    There's been plenty discussion of used price stability on this forum (and elsewhere) over the last few weeks. Search?

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